Cock rings – These rings are used to keep your erection hard and prolonged. These could also help in delaying ejaculation. These come in simple or ornamented types, and you could opt for either or both. Among ornamented type once again you have multiple selections. Put these on and become a stud in bed.
Vibrating rings – Vibrating rings not only multiply your ecstasy but even your partner’s. The vibration initiated by these rings even reaches the clit and vagina walls making her crazy with sexual pleasure.
Penis locks – These chastity locks are made of superior quality steel. Once this device is locked, sex becomes impossible. These could be worn under usual outfits without being recognised from outside.
Penis sleeve – This latex material is either textured or nodular. It is slid on your erect penis to give greater sexual stimulation to your lady love. Nodules and texture stimulate vaginal walls to give her heightened climax.
Masturbation cups – These battery operated polymer cups are not only useful for giving hands free pleasure of masturbation but also assist in enhancing your penis. On regular usage of this device your member becomes firmer and thicker. Your staying power also increases considerably as get a better control over ejaculation.