Vibrators – These are the perennial favourites of ladies. Vibrators are either made of medicinal silicone, or high grade steel. These are regulated to work at different vibrating modes offering various degrees of ecstasy. They are equally effective in dry as well as wet environments. All vibrators are battery operated.
Dildos – These silicone toys are meant to give you the same pleasure and sexual fulfilment as a human penis. Some dildos are designed to look exactly like a penis with veins showing and coloured in flesh shade. You could opt for strap-on variety, which is particularly popular among lesbians.
G-spot massagers – Massaging your G-spot could give you heavenly sexual pleasure and even repeated orgasms. We offer G-spot massagers resembling a human tongue, a bullet, spiralled dildo, etc. These remote operated toys are a favourite among girls and ladies of all ages.
C-string vibrators – This vibrator variety is in the shape of a C-string and covers your genitals perfectly. The vibrator is placed in such a manner that it touches your clitoris and sends vibrations that give orgasmic pleasure. Whenever you are feeling horny and are desirous of getting a sexual climactic pleasure just switch on the remote.
Double penetrating dong – This flexible silicon toy with the feel of jelly and shape of penis in two ends is perfect for a lesbian couple who want the pleasure of sexual union simultaneously.
Women’s sex toys sold by us are completely safe and have no allergic reactions or threats of infections. Dispatches are made carefully so that there are no possibilities of product identification from outside.