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Sex Date: Top Destinations in India for a Perfect Romantic Getaway

Sex date might not be such a common term to our ears, but we can always try new things, especially when we live in such a naturally blessed country like India. Among the most emerging tourist attractions throughout the world, India is one of the most promising nations. India is slowly and steadily growing its tourism industry. According to a study done by the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), it is estimated that the tourism industry in India will reach a mammoth $9 billion.

The reason for this growth in India’s tourism and travel industry is because of the diverse landscape and geography of its states. From the very northern places like Jammu and Kashmir to the southern region of Kanyakumari, each state has its diversity. India, being a cultural hub, is a nation with diverse cultures and traditions. This has boosted the tourism industry and has invited tourists from all the parts of the world. IBEF has also stated that India ranked 7th among 184 countries in terms of travel and tourism contribution to GDP (2017). Due to this growth, India is developing itself to a nation of travellers. Though India is most famous for its spiritual places, it is slowly developing itself into a romantic hub.

Best places in India to Have the Perfect Sex Date

A blend of beaches in the western region of Konkan and Goa to the mighty Himalayas in the north and the dunes of north-west state of Rajasthan with the wettest lands of Darjeeling, India has a wide variety of romantic tourist destinations. Let us look at some of the top destinations for having a sex date.

Western Region: Konkan and Goa

Konkon is famous for its coastal experiences, natural beauty, century-old forts and the exceptional Konkani food. It is slowly emerging as the tourism hub of Maharashtra.

The party capital of India, the small state of Goa has a lot on its plate. From the famous nightlife to the fascinating beaches and age-old churches. Goa is the best place for a party freak. It is an ideal place if you are looking for date ideas for couples.

Northern Region: The Himalayas

The biggest mountain range on the planet, the gigantic Himalayas are full of tourist places. The place is considered to be heaven for mountaineers and trekkers. It has many places for romantic couples who are looking to take a break for the hustle and bustle.

Southern Region: Kanyakumari and Her Neighbours

A sophisticated region of the India sub-continent, the southern part has a lot in its basket. Famous cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mysore and Hyderabad are the major tourist attractions of India.

Eastern and North-Eastern Region: Darjeeling to Have the Perfect Sex Date

This region has the wettest place on Earth, Cherrapunji. Among the most popular sites for romantic dates, the city of Darjeeling conquers them all. It is one of the most visited places in India.

Now looking into the romantic aspect, many places across India are famous for the lovers. Indian mythology has a very vast history of sex in its culture. From the textual scriptures to the temples, sex has been a very central portion in India. Though cultural aspects of India can be highlighted in various places across the country, it has been a reason for the boosting of tourism.

To scavenge in for tourist location across India, you would need a big map. For those people who want to know about the sexiest places in India or are in search of local dating or romantic places to go on a date, you have landed at the safe spot.

Without much ado, let us dig deep and take a closer look at the top destinations in India for a perfect sex date.

1. Darjeeling

Located in the eastern state of West Bengal, this amazing town is made for love birds. The city is based on the Himalayan foothills making it more of a hill station.

Famous for its tea, Darjeeling offers a plate full of options for lovers who want to have a good time. It is situated in the most romantic hills and among the most breathtaking forest areas making it a perfect location for romantic couples. The very popular Darjeeling-Himalayan railway is a cherry on the cake. The climate of the town is humid throughout the year. Heavy rainfalls during the primary monsoon season and light showers during the other days make Darjeeling a more erotic place.

Imagine, you and your better half are walking midst the jungle, and there is breeze touching your cheeks. Won’t you feel romantic? The speciality of Darjeeling that makes it such a popular spot for romantic couples is its climate.

2. Rajasthan

A state with high hood in its air, Rajasthan is the fastest emerging state in terms of tourism.

With magnificent cities like Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur and Jaisalmer, this dry and desert state can make you feel royal and erotic at the same time. The magical and royal fort will induce a feeling of long-lasting romance in you. These forts which are dedicated to some king or queen, are the representatives of love. The luxurious hotels will make your love crazy. Rajasthan has the most beautiful hotels in the country.

The dunes of Jaisalmer offer you a picture of the rich culture and environmental variation. Jaipur, the capital city, which is also known as the pink city, is the ultimate hotspot for lovers. The magical city of Jodhpur has its charm. The erotic places in these cities will make your sexual desires reach new scales. Do not forget the evenings that you can spend around the romantic lakes of Udaipur. A city that is known for its palaces and lakes, Udaipur should be in your bucket list.

3. Manali and Kasol

In the northern state of Himachal Pradesh is the most famous romantic destination of India, Manali.

A city situated at the height of more than 5000 metres above sea level between the snow-clad Himalayan ranges. Manali has everything that you would want to see in a romantic city.

The famous paragliding activity of Manali and the cold weather will make your sex more erotic. Manali has a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that is the Kalka-Shimla toy train. Seek divine eternity in the forests of Kasol. Revive your sex life among the hills and jungles. Kasol, a small town that is famous as a romantic town. Enjoy the local dating places in Kasol. A complete makeover of your love life, Kasol will make you enjoy it even better.

4. Goa

The smallest state with the most amazing places to live around, Goa has it all. Renowned for its majestic beaches, Goa is the Hubspot for couples. Take a romantic walk on the beach and live your love life with ease.

Goa offers tastiest, lip-smacking aphrodisiac seafood cuisines to its visitors. The famous Konkani and Goan dishes will fill your body with pleasure from the inside out.

Never miss a chance to groove with your better half in the famous clubs of Goa. Situated along the beaches, these clubs offer you the best evenings. With a blend of magical music and all-around food and beverage, you will never regret enjoying there. The famous Bom Jesus Basilica is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Surf along the waves of the beaches and never miss the night beach parties.

5. Coorg

This hill station is also termed as the “Scotland of India”.

Always surrounded by the lush green meadows and misty breeze, Coord is the ultimate hill station for couples.

Coorg is more exotic because of its green swirls of coffee plantations. The environment in the hill station makes it more romantic and erotic. This is just like Darjeeling, a town with the best weather for lovers.

The hill station is rich in its birdlife. So for those couples who are enthusiastic animal or bird lovers, Coorg is your stop. The scent of the coffee will arouse your sexual senses. This will give you the sex of your life. Moreover, Coorg is known as a place for romantic couples as it witnesses the maximum number of couples in any hill station across India.

6. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

These groups of islands are situated far from the Indian mainland. They offer you some of the cleanest beaches in the world.

Andaman group of islands is the most popular place for a honeymoon. It’s secluded and exotic beaches, evergreen and lush tropical forests and the corals across the ocean make it a hub for tourists.

The turquoise water and the white beaches are the gems of the islands. Other than having your regular romantic trip, one can always adventure around and visit places like Havelock Island, Ross Island, Radhanagar Beach, Viper Island, Cellular Jail, Neil Island, the Chatham Saw Mill and Mount Harriet.

7. Kerala

The most fantastic place in south India, this god’s own country is a place you must visit. The world-renown backwaters of Kerala will give you the sexiest experience of your life. Tall palm trees, mouth smacking seafood, romantic beaches, majestic architecture sum up the beauty of Kerala.

God’s own country is bestowed with natural flora and fauna in abundance. The scenic and romantic hill stations, renowned and alluring backwaters, wonderous waterfalls, sandy beaches are the major attractions for tourists. There are many famous romantic tourist attractions in the magical state of Kerala. Some of the sexiest cities are Munnar, Kumarakom, Alleppey, Cochin, Kollam, Thekkady and Kovalam.

These seven places will make your sexual experience pleasant. Romance is a way of living and expressing your love to your lover. It has no boundaries and no restrictions. Sex is often seen as a physical expression of love. It makes your relationship strong and everlasting. These places will induce a sense of passion in you. They would be the places of utmost importance if you were to enjoy the best sex.

These places will induce a sense of passion in you

India, as a whole nation is a beautiful nation. And as we discussed earlier, several initiatives are being taken to boost the economy. In the coming years, India will witness many more places for the love birds to have the time of their life. The most salubrious climate of the year, which makes your sexual senses go wild, i.e. monsoon, cannot be enjoyed in your home’s balcony. So, you must turn to the best places with a fantastic environment to ensure you have the best sexual experience.

The more calming the climate is, the deeper you will feel your senses – as love can only be made in an environment that relaxes your body and your mind. Choose amongst these places that we ensure you will find ideal for your next sex date. These are the seven most popular, demanding and suitable places to enjoy and grow your sex life.

Love can only be made in an environment that relaxes your body and your mind

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From the mountain views to the lush forests and the majestic narrow hills, have the best sex date. The romantic walks beside the beaches will give you a head start for your sex. The best beach parties are often followed by magical sex. The empty lane of the towns will invite the loneliness in your body. Get this loneliness on the bed and master the art of sex. Never miss an opportunity to enjoy your sexual life. Sex is the only activity that gives you an all-around boost and fosters your mind from the inside.

A change of venue and a different ambience can do wonders to your romantic relationship

Different places evoke different feelings. The places full of scenic beauty will evoke joy in you. This will help you relax your mind. Places like Goa and Manali can ignite passion in you. This can help you to achieve a feeling of self-fulfilment and self attainment. Alongside the happy places of Goa, the meditating towns of Manali can restore up your sexual health.

The all-round development of your sexual thoughts totally depends on what mindset you bring to the place. If you travel with a disturbed or a heavy mindset, you will not feel satisfied. Even the most romantic place will make your thoughts dull. A good mind welcomes ideas. When you travel, you wander around for an adventure. The place offers you romantic inspiration. Similarly, you also get to see different places to have the best sex. The more relaxed you are, the better will be the sex.

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Spicing up your sex life requires more than just two people. A change of venue and a different ambience can do wonders to your romantic relationship. And if you are in need of more inspiration on your sex date, here is a sex playlist that will strike passion in you instantly.

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