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How to Make Healthy Sex Decisions for Teens

Teenage is a very tender period in one’s life. The most important life decisions are planned in this age period. From your career to the family – all decisions are made in teen.

The importance of this age group is realized when the teens make a mistake that may not create a significant impact on their life. Nonetheless, they do realise that there are greater consequences for their smaller mistakes. After completing their school education, they enter into higher studies. This stage of their life invites new friends and colleagues in their life. As a human at some point in your life, you tend to fall prey to someone sexually. It could be your classmate or your neighbour or someone whom you met at a party. But now the internet has become a much more accessible medium for finding a friend, date, or a hookup partner. Social media applications like Tinder, Azhar and maybe Instagram are giving a platform to those who are in search of new buddies.

This is the time when teens begin to develop sexual thoughts

Speaking of teens and their habits, the most prominent habit that a teen develops is being sexually aroused and the need to have sex. This is the time when teens begin to develop sexual thoughts. Further, they wish to convert those thoughts into real actions. A general attraction towards your colleague may end up in a one night stand or a long-lasting relationship.

Let us put some light on how sex and sexual decisions can affect your life either positively or negatively.

  1. There is a building peer pressure that questions your virginity. Virginity, if lost in the teens, is a moment of proud among your peers. To the contrary, if you do not choose to or do not want to have sex in your teens, it becomes a question about your sexuality.
  2. When doing your sex for the first time, make sure you are in a place that is not public or is private. Since it is your first time, you tend to be excited and cheered up for it and may not inspect the place properly.
  3. To avoid any future issues and untimely pregnancies, make sure you use a condom. Using a condom is healthy and beneficial for both male and female.
  4. Inspired by some film character or some pornstar, you may resort to activities such as sexting, regular sex, etc. which are not right in the long run. These inspirations are an excellent source of motivation but not useful always.

As we look deeper into this branch of teenage, we do notice that there are good things and bad things. Talking of sex, we need to put forth the academical research about it and also bring in some data for teens to consider before having sex.

Let us discuss the issues among the two genders:

Sex Among Male Teenagers

  1. Disadvantages of having sex at an early age can damage the quality of testosterone in the sperm. As the hormone has a definite period of maturity and exposure, if it is released early, it may hurt the sperm’s quality in the long run.
  2. Common ejaculation problems such as premature ejaculation can happen among teenagers as they are going through many hormonal changes. Their religion and social upbringing can be a hurdle, making them think of sex as a sin, etc.
  3. Once you are addicted to sex, you would be eager to do it regularly. This can be an issue in the long run if you fail to get a partner to have the sex you may resort to activities like oral sex, sexting or masturbation.

Sex Among Female Teenagers

  1. Teenage pregnancy can be a preeminent issue in the life of a teen. As this is something that she has to bear, it becomes uneasy for her to get over with the pregnancy or opt for abortion.
  2. A disadvantage of having sex at an early age can make them sexually more active and socially inactive.
  3. Teenage sex can cause a painful intercourse.

Teens make a lot of decisions daily. It is not easy for them to get abreast of each and everything that can affect their lives. However, adequate knowledge and proper guidance can help them to make the right decisions. Sex is an integral part of life. It is a blend of emotions and thoughts which are together performed through an action. But it may be unfair to look at the drawbacks of sex among teens. Several advantages can nurture a teen’s mind and psychological thinking.

Why is sex important for teenagers?

Sex acts like a tool for teenagers to understand about sexual health and sexual well being. Also, it gives them in-depth knowledge of how sexual organs function.

  1. Teenage boys who do sex occasionally or once in a week may have healthy sperm. Since science says that one should have sex once in a week as it improves the quality and health of the sperm.
  2. As sex is a great stress-busting activity, it can be beneficial for teens who are under intense pressure and tension.

Teens grow up fast. And they are also quick in decision making. So, they need to rethink their decisions about sex. Perhaps jot down all the possible answers or queries. Any wrong sex decisions in teens can significantly affect your life. So, you need to think of the right place, time and day to engage in sexual activities.

Healthy sex decisions in teens can nurture your teenage and also bring you fruitful results. Knowledge from reading, consulting your parents about sex or even asking a sexologist about the advantage and drawbacks of sex can lead you to healthy sex life.

To discuss more on healthy sex decision, let us examine the possible solutions and evaluate them in detail.

1. Consulting your parents

Talking about sex with parents may be weird, but it is crucial in true sense. Parents are your guide throughout your life, and nobody can consult you better than your parents. According to, the stage of adolescence is a difficult phase for teens, and they need your advice for their life decisions. Life decisions revolve around sexual, psychological or even social. Giving utmost importance to sexual choices, parents should be like a friend to their teens.

Generally, it is observed that parents try to force their ideology or thinking over their child’s brain. They may push them to think alike and even abort sex and sexual habits. A parent should never do that. They have to sit alongside their teen and discuss with them the problems they are facing. Also, parents should openly share real and factual information about sex and sexual organs. This gives their child an edge over others, and they can be more mature in decision making.

Charles Wibbelsman, Chief of Adolescent Medicine at Kaiser Permanente, advises parents to be straightforward, loyal and truthful to their teens about sex. It is vital for parents to be honest with their children so that they can contribute their most in the child’s sexual decisions.

Today, teens are more active in the reel world when compared to the real world. Studies have shown that teens spend 60% of their free time on the internet. This exposes them to content that may not be suitable for them. Content like porn videos, nude pictures or even some erotica movies can create a massive impact on your child’s psyche. It is essential for parents to monitor such things and make them understand the vitality and brevity as things like these are directly shadowed on their personality and behaviour. One vital element of teenage is the presentation of attitude. Sex can create a tremendous impact on your attitude as it reaches your mental state and affects there directly.

2. Ask a sexologist

Getting advice from your parents is of importance. They provide you with firsthand information and make you understand the vitality of sex and teenage pregnancy. Though you may refer to your parents’ advice, it is always better to ask a sexologist about your sexual issues.

Before engaging, you should consult a sexologist and ask for relevant information and precautions to avoid teenage pregnancy. You can start asking the sexologist about:

How to prevent any sexually transmitted disease (STD)? What can go wrong if you have unprotected sex? Is there any information that you should know about emergency contraception? What are the chances of my condom fail=s to protect? How to have sex that is healthy and safe?

Somewhere down the line, you will encounter these questions. Who better than a sexologist can guide you through the questions and give out the best possible solutions? Discuss with the sexologist about your issues and together create a plan to move forward.

Psychotherapy can help you understand your limitations. Also, the more advances you are inn getting information and statistics from the sexologist, it becomes easier for you to understand your issues.

3. Reading can help you understand better

Reading as a habit is very healthy. It nurtures your mind with knowledge and data. There are many advance books which give tips about teenage pregnancy, advantages, and disadvantages of having sex at an early age or why is sex important for teenagers.

Go through the books that give relevant information and also present you with real-life examples and case studies. One thing to keep in mind is that always read a book which is of rich quality in its content. There are books in the market that can misguide you and incline your sexual attention towards other irrelevant things.

Know Everything Before You Engage

Healthy sex decisions in teens can only be made if a teen gets information in hand and vital advice from their adults. Teens struggle in various dimensions of life. The key here becomes the assistance from their parents, doctors (sexologists) and their peers. Parents play a crucial role in moulding the mind process and thinking of a teen. Keeping your morales aside for some time, as a parent, you must discuss things with your teen that may be out of the box or challenge your values and traditions.

By having a solid framework of information, a teen can control and improve his or her sexual health. Sex decisions in teens revolve around many mindsets and surroundings. Privacy plays a very pivotal role in sexual health. A teen has to open up with things that are disturbing his or her sexual health.

Sex education must be given to those who are deprived of it

Also, a good balance of food, travel, and all-around growth can help you to maintain your sexual health. Discussions about sex can be practised in your surroundings. Most importantly, sex education must be given to those who are deprived of it.

Debates and open forums about sex and sexual health should be conducted to make students comfortable with sex.

Most importantly, as the sole decision-maker, you are the holding the vital element of sex and sexual health in your hand. It is for you to decide what is wrong for you and what is right for you. For any assistance related to medical issues, ask a sexologist. Your sexual health determines your well-being. It is one crucial factor that brings the change in your behaviour. Behavioural changes are frequent in teenage. But when you change over a specific limit, you need to consult your parents or visit a sexologist. This is the time you realize that sex has been burdening your psychological capacity and has dominated the thinking part. Health is always precious, be it social, mental or sexual. The healthier you are, the happier and joyous you will be.

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