Things All Men Must Know About Sex
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Things All Men Must Know About Sex

Taboo or fun!

Whatever you call it, sex is always fun and the ultimate goal that most people love to achieve, be it in a committed relationship or an open hookup. It can be considered to the zenith of amazing fun and pleasure that one could achieve.

However, irrespective of how great sex is, there are always some details that people miss from their armoury. Yes, you might know a lot about sex and experienced it a lot, but there might still be a few things that could come between you and the title of being a “pro”.

Especially when it comes to men, you would probably agree that a majority of the work needs to be done by men. No, “work” here does not mean the humping and breath-less workout of the hips. Instead, it means the expectations enforced. Imagine how it would feel like to have sex as a man:

  • You need to control your excitement, or else premature ejaculation could ruin it.
  • You have to be super fit since all of the humping exercise tires you out like hell.
  • Your girl will, in 99.9% cases, last longer than you will. Hence, you have that extra burden of performance.
  • You need all your blood flowing in the right places so that you can hold onto your erection for as long as you can.

Then what actually makes you a pro at sex? Of course, knowing everything about it would definitely make you one. So here are the top things men must know about sex.

Sex can make you nervous before the first attempt

Before you make the arrangements of the room and the ambience for sex, you will have a certain sense of chills and sensation that would get you down on nervousness. What if something goes wrong? Or what if contraception fails? What if you don’t manage to impress her?

Heck, no! Forget everything. It is your first time, go ahead, enjoy!

Sex might happen unplanned

If you are in a long-term or committed relationship, be prepared. Sex can happen at any point in time. In fact, in some cases, sex doesn’t happen with proper planning. It comes as a sudden happening from an intimate moment or an intense conversation. So if you have ever planned your sex to be of some kind, take the load off. If you are committed to someone, you never know what situations may lead to sex.

You might falter at times

Sex is unpredictable. Even if you had decent intercourses the five times and a long superficial haul the last time, there is no guarantee that you will hit the bull’s eye again. Of course, if you have the control, you can definitely work wonders, but that does not guarantee anything. You may have an off day at sex, and you need not worry about it. Just focus on the next time.

Sex is not always pleasurable but fun

Even if you have had sex with ten women, you cannot be sure that you got the perfect pleasure with all the 10. The intercourse is not the most pleasurable part; the things that surround it is. And this is where the fun part comes into the picture. The foreplay and oral sex can really get you going. And yes, don’t forget to do what she likes the most, it will drive her crazy.

The size of your penis matters half of what you expect

How well you size up down at the crotch is not the biggest concern, but how you present it is. You may not have the biggest penis she has seen or the thickest one she has ever taken, but you do have confidence. Knowing the right way to do it will take you a long way into satisfying women even if you have a small penis.

Not every sex position is easy

You might read tonnes of articles and watch hundreds of videos on the best sex positions to satisfy women, but the truth is, all of them aren’t easy to perform. The fluidity of sex further makes it even more challenging to have sex in multiple sex positions. Missionary position is the most common position, followed by cowgirl. However, when you look at the doggy style, it isn’t easy to catch right on the first go.

Switching positions during intercourse can be tough

Being brutally honest, everyone has that one thing in mind where he thinks of trying multiple sex positions in just one go. However, smooth it may sound, it actually isn’t. A lot can go between positions, like messing up the limbs, hurting her head on the bed timber, losing a tight boner, etc. Plus, the transition from one position to the other isn’t very smooth either.

Don’t write away the boob-fart

Boob fart happens, and it happens only during the missionary position. Normally, when the two chests rub against each other (you and your partner), there has to be a certain point when air escapes from the continuously grinding. It may be hilarious but definitely not embarrassing. Just laugh it off and get back to business.

Wearing two dotted condoms don’t add on to the pleasure

Some people might have considered wearing two condoms as an overcompensation for their seemingly small penis. However, this is a terrible idea. Firstly, two dotted condoms don’t make more dots for the women to find pleasure with. Secondly, it would not compensate for your size; only you can. And lastly, the second condom that you put might end up inside her vagina.

So, be aware.

Condoms smell

Condoms have a very rubbery and latex-y smell that is not pleasant for everyone. But again, there is a solution to this, flavoured condoms. You can play your own game here.

Your penis may not be that of a pornstar’s

You will have to realise that you aren’t a pornstar and you don’t even take that much of supplements. Hence, your hard-on might be nowhere close to what you may dream of. The point is, you may take some time to be hard, and the zenith of your hard-on takes time to come.

You don’t orgasm every time

It is a myth that all sexual intercourse leads to orgasm. The fact is, you, or your partner, don’t orgasm every time. And don’t worry if you don’t, there is nothing wrong with you. It is how it is. All you could do is try and learn to live with it.

Pubic hair can cause rug burn at times

If you don’t clean up your genital area from the hair, you might have to suffer from rug burns after intense sexual intercourse. The rashes may cause severe irritation and discomfort for a long time after the intercourse is over.

Longer sex does not always mean better sex

So you think you have mastered the art of controlling your ejaculation and kept working your hips out for over 30 minutes straight. But is that worth? Of course, it is a good step forward, but that does not guarantee better sex. Here are some things that might get in the way.

  • Insufficient flow of blood to keep your penis rock hard
  • Switching too many positions without doing it correctly
  • Failing to locate or hit the G-spot

You may slip out

Slipping out is common. Matching the thrusts and the sync-ing with your partner is not always possible. You may, at times, slip out of her vagina and would need to put your penis back in. There is nothing to be embarrassed about; it happens.

You may not like the lube

Let’s face it. The precum is not the most exciting thing you would want to see throughout the day, especially when it comes to the ladies. Women cum a lot, and your penis might be drenched entirely in it while having sex. Some of you might even dislike holding your penis while it is wrapped with the lube.

Everyone does not like oral sex

Oral sex is not for everyone. And don’t be surprised if your partner is reluctant to blow you. However, what is even harder to know is that giving an oral job to a woman is not the most pleasant thing to do. Unlike seen in porns, the actual picture of a woman while she is wet may be completely different.

Your need your hand

Forget porn, where the guy just pulls out or pushes in without his hands, the real story is that you will have to use your hands to guide your penis inside her vagina each time it has slipped out. This has to be done, especially for the first few times.

Anal sex may hurt her

The idea of anal sex might be fascinating to you. However, you ought to know that anal sex can be excruciating at first, for both the partners. The anus is very tight and is less elastic than the vagina. Hence, it may be a long struggle for you to get in in the first place.

Pregnancy is not guaranteed right after one unprotected sex

Though there are high probabilities, unprotected sex does not always result in pregnancy. This has a lot to do with the monthly cycle the girl is in and whether she is in her most fertile days or not. Hence, you need not be stressed out after unprotected sex. Just research a bit more on pregnancy.

There is always going to be a wet spot on the sheet

No matter how much you take care of, if you are changing a lot of positions during sex, you will have to deal with a wet spot on the bedsheet you have had it on. This wet spot is mostly caused by excessive lube that comes off a woman’s vagina.

First sex for a woman does not mean bloodshed

It doesn’t matter if you are having sex with a virgin, bleeding is not compulsory. The hymen is just a skin, and it does not guarantee blood loss the moment it is torn. In fact, may sports-inclined women have the hymen broken while training or stretching.

Always have an understanding with your partner

Though sex might happen unplanned, you should always have conversations with your girl to discuss her views on sex and how she would take things. So even if things go out of hand with the heat of the moment, you know what you should do and what will be best for her. After all, you are in a relationship, and nothing should be awkward between the two.

Condoms are tough nuts in tricky situations, keep them handy

If you are active at in your sex life or have one such episode lurking somewhere close, you should always consider having some condoms in stock, just in case you need. It is not possible to run to the nearest medical store and get back. That will definitely affect your mood. Hence, keep condoms at hand’s reach at all time.

Know As Much As You Can Before You Have Sex

Being a man, it is the onus on you to know a great deal about sex. It helps ease the pressure off your chest and enlightens you what you can and should expect. Plus, there is absolutely no harm in knowing things, is there?

And as a matter of fact, sex is made to instil fun in people. And not kill them with anxiety. Don’t let the nervousness steal away the fun you are supposed to have. Just enjoy every moment of it and let nothing take it away from you.

So, the next time when you are out there, looking straight at your partner’s eyes, you will already have a lot of things going in your mind. But this time around, it would be for the positive. It would help you improve on things that you might have missed the previous times.

Let nothing take away the fun that the close intimacy and physical contact can offer. Enjoy sex till you can!

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