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Healthy Penis: 6 Ways to Have a Healthy Penis

Having a healthy penis must easily be one of the top priorities of almost every man alive. A 425 million-year-old organ, evolving since the years immemorial has been the possession of identity for men. Though the penis is a vital organ, it has also been a symbol of status in many cultures. Throughout the history of humanity, it has drawn much attention. In some cultures, the size of the penis was the decisive factor for the status of men. In fact, some dynasties even decided on their heir after taking into consideration the size of his penis.

To talk more about the penis, we will have to study the scientific factors involved in its structure, growth, and physiological functions.

1. Puberty

The stage of puberty in a man’s life is the emerging stage for the penis. When entering puberty, the various parts of the genital organs viz. the penis, scrotum, and testicles enlarge towards the end process of maturity.

This brings in the development of various psychological changes in the brain and several physiological changes in the genital area. In the mid-teenage, the process of enlargement of the penis and growth of pubic hair around the penis takes place. During this period, a man resorts to acting on their sexual urges such as the urge to masturbate. This is due to the psychological and physiological changes taking place in them.

2. Erection

Erection is a process where a penis is stiffened during sexual arousal. A penis rises when it is encountered with sexual activity or even in non-sexual activities like friction with clothes or during undressing activity.

Men experience erection post-puberty, as the penis matures itself during puberty. Some men even experience an erection during sleep. This is a common thing to happen with men. To learn more about erections, there are several angles in which an erection occur. There are various foods to help get an erection. Food like herb pasta, porridge, saffron, cloves or even whole grains can help to get erect. An erection may happen in a vertical direction, downwards, vertically upwards or sometimes horizontally straight. All of the erection angles revolves around several sexual and psychological factors.

3. Adjustments

As we discussed, the penis has been in existence for more than 400 million years. It surely has gone through some adjustments. These adjustments have occurred due to several scientific changes and other physiological changes in the physical structure of a man’s body.

These modifications happened to make reproductive functions more fruitful and lessen the sperm competition. Though these changes have occurred across millions of years, it cannot be argued that the changes have brought a positive outcome in the overall development.

4. Penis size and testis

Size is a vital feature of a penis. Evolution has also resulted in the modification of the penis size. One critical element that has been the brute-force in the evolution of the size of the penis is the sperm competition.

Sperm competition has resulted in the enlargement of the penis. The adaptations have happened to maintain the sperm’s quality and to retain sperm’s reachability to the vaginal tract.

Life has been on a constant run, and this has made it challenging to maintain penial hygiene. Though there are different types of penises, the primary factor that revolves around are the issues relating to health.

Diving further into the health factor, let us look at the top 6 ways to keep the penis healthy.

1. Careful around trimming the penial area

A hairy penis is natural. Thanks to puberty, every man has hair in the penial area, although some men do get rid off it. Whatever the reason is, all you have to do is to be careful around trimming the lawn. Before considering trimming the area, consider the possible health reasons involved.

  1. Hair protects the penial area from several cuts and scrapes.
  2. The most crucial reason – pubic hair reduces the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease.
  3. If you avoid trimming, it can help you protect from various skin conditions.

There are several techniques to get off the penial hair.

  • Trimming
  • Hair Shave
  • Professional Waxing
  • Removal creams
  • Laser hair removal
  • Electrolysis

Reasons to trim off penial hair

From professional to several home-based techniques, you can opt for any technique to want. Though there are side effects to it, it is also vital to trim off penial hair. To avoid irritation, to maintain penial hygiene, etc. can be some reasons to trim off penial hair.

Experts in the area advice men to consider trimming and not shaving. If you chose to shave, it could cause bleeding and also intense cuts. Also, consider washing your penile area after trimming. Zampella, an expert in this field, recommends using an acne wash that consists of salicylic acid. Salicylic acid helps in bacteria control and prevents contamination.

There are special creams, wash solutions, and pads available to prevent infection. Try to use products of the same company to avoid any possible side effect.

2. Protection from sexually transmitted diseases and erectile dysfunction

Sexually transmitted diseases and erectile dysfunction are common diseases that can make a man’s penis to not function. Speaking of STDs, they do not give any symptoms. STDs are transferred to an unprotected sexual contact. STD can be prevented by using a condom during sexual intercourse. You can also avoid getting a sexually transmitted disease by

  • Not having sex with someone who has an unknown rash
  • Sexual disorder or a sexual medical condition
  • Avoiding sharing the same towel

Problems with infertility if you suffer from erectile dysfunction

Several pieces of research in this field have stated that men who have alcohol problems often fall prey to erectile problems.

Speaking of ED or erectile dysfunction, it can affect your sexual performance. You might have problems with infertility if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. While many reasons in men can lead to erectile dysfunction, here are the most common ones:

·        Diabetes

The silent killer or diabetes can result in ED. Since diabetes takes time to develop in the body, it slowly disintegrates several functions of the body. One of them is the dysfunctioning of the penis. The more prolonged diabetes is in the body, the more powerful the impact it creates on your penis.

·        Side effects 

Suppose you are on medication for a specified period. You may not keep an account on the medication days, and this may lead to an overdose. Now, an overdose will not kill you, but it can harm your invaluable penis.

Consult a doctor before taking any medicine

·        Prostate diseases

Diseased related to prostate viz. prostate cancer and prostate inflammation can lead to erectile dysfunction. An essential element in the prostate is semen. Prostate creates sperm. If your prostate is affected by a disorder like prostate cancer, it can make impact the proper functioning of your penis.

In some men, it is also observed that the medicines that are taken to cure prostate diseases can lead to erectile dysfunction. This is because of a simple side effect. Consult a doctor before taking any medicine.

There are many natural foods to cure erectile dysfunction like a diet rich in vegetable and fruits, etc. For men who are looking at how to cure erectile dysfunction at home, regular 30 mins exercising is the primal solution.

3. Maintaining penial hygiene for having a healthy penis

Hygiene is a must. Be it any part of your body; if it is not clean, it will invite diseases. Especially if you do not keep penial hygiene, it can lead to minor as well as major diseases. Minor problems like irritation, growth of bacteria, itchiness, and other issues can develop. Though these issues can be cured, one should consider getting rid off them asap.

Now taking into consideration the development of major diseases like prostate cancer or erectile dysfunction, hygiene plays a very pivotal role. To maintain penial hygiene, one should consider:

·        Using unique soaps and creams to prevent the development of cracked skin.

Maintain penial hygiene

·        Special body wash like Cetaphil Ultra Gentle can make your penial area fresh and smooth.

·        Applying powder like Brickell Stays Fresh Body Powder on your balls can keep your penial area dry.

Since the penial area is sensitive, you have to be careful while you clean it. The scrotum is the most sensitive area of the penial area. Scrotum comprises of the balls, which are the home ground from sperm.

Maintaining penial hygiene is a very simple way of preventing complex penial issues. If you maintain daily hygiene in the penial area, there are lesser chances to develop a disease.

4. Have a healthy diet and maintain your body’s water level

This is the most general thing to do. A healthy diet is responsible for managing overall body fitness. A balanced diet is vital in helping you reduce the chances of developing any disease.

A man can develop ED if he consumes a diet that does not include nutrients and proposable amount of vitamins. It is also essential to maintain the level of testosterone. Testosterone helps in maintaining the quality of the sperm. Some foods which maintain the testosterone level include green vegetables like spinach, avocado and healthy diet containing spicy food alongside capsaicin.

Testosterone helps in maintaining the quality of the sperm

Hydrating your body does not only mean to provide it with water. Some essential and unique minerals like salt, sugar, etc. are the necessary elements to keep the body hydrated. Hydration is a critical factor in your body as well as the penis. To avoid the development of erectile dysfunction, keep your body hydrated with water and minerals. 

5. Taking care of mental health for a healthy penis

Mental Health comprises of a wide range of activities:

  • Performing Stress Management
  • Getting Your Sleep Cycle on Track
  • Balancing work and personal life

Anxiety can create a massive impact on your sex life

Performing Stress Management

Stress management is the most trending field in mental health. Due to the stressful life, people tend to develop stress. Stress can be long term or short term. Various elements in mental stress can affect the overall health of the penis.

Anxiety can create a massive impact on your sex life. Also, stress can lead to several cardiovascular diseases. These cardiovascular diseases can lead to the development of ED.

Getting Your Sleep Cycle on Track

To maintain a proper balance between your physical and mental health, one should never ignore the importance of good sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to penial issues like a low level of testosterone, erectile dysfunction and hormonal imbalance.

Never ignore the importance of a good sleep

Balancing Work Life and Personal Life

Work-life can be stressful sometimes. In the hustle and bustle of urban life, it becomes easy to balance work and own life. The tension and stress developed in work-life can create a significant impact on personal life. Sex life can be disturbed if you carry your work stress in your own life.

6. Controlling your sexual urges

To conclude, having control over your sexual desires can be difficult. I mean, can you blame yourself?

Sometimes, too much sex can be a burden on your penis. The penial muscles could not develop because of sexual contact regularly. This can also harm the penial nerves in the long run. According to, regular sex can lead to pain in the penis.

UTIs usually happen post-sex

It is sometimes vital to control your emotions and have a firm hold over your sexual habits. UTI or Urinary Tract Infections can take place. It usually happens post-sex and can lead to difficulty in urinating.

A healthy penis is the signature of a healthy man. Other than his bold personality, a man’s penis can make him charming among the ladies. Today’s man has been giving minimum attention to his penis’ health. He ignores minor pains thinking of them as a casual issue. This slight pain can be the signal for your penis’ future problems.

Maintaining your penis’ health is an essential element of your body. The penis’ health goes beyond the criteria of controlling an ejection and ejaculation. Not all penial problems need to stay with you throughout your life. Routine visits to a doctor and getting the necessary consultation are the fundamental things you can do to prevent bigger problems.

Do not let your embarrassment become a hurdle between you and the doctor. It may be challenging to discuss penial issues sometimes, but your health is the most important thing you have.

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