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Dr Chopra Shilajit Gold 30 Capsule (With Kesar)


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Today’s environment of unregulated lifestyle and sedentary habits take their toll on the general health of people, particularly their love life. Men tend to lose their vitality, vigour, and desire for sex. Pure Passion in its attempt to address these areas of debility among adult males offers Dr Chopra Shilajit Gold capsule. This medicinal product enriched with ‘kesar’ overcomes every form of weakness like loss of energy, tired muscles, and reduced sex drive.
Dr Chopra Shilajit Gold is an effective Ayurvedic product for men, both young and old. Compounded with lifestyle pressures at home and office, men are also faced with the trouble of changing surroundings. Professionals and executives need to travel a lot which also is a deterrent for the body. This medicine enriched with minerals and exotic herbs takes care of even the smallest health concerns facing modern day adult males. Shilajit, gold, and ‘kesar’ or saffron are the principal ingredients of this medicine. Shilajit is famous as a restorative for vitality and sexual vigour; gold is renowned for its strength giving capability; and kesar overcomes fatigue.
1-2 capsules per day is the normal dosage of this medicine subject to a medical practitioner’s approval. The capsules should ideally be consumed with milk. Regular intake of Dr. Chopra Shilajit Gold capsule has a remarkable impact on your sex life as it improves your overall health and enhances your vitality.
This herbal product comes in packing of 30 capsules. We at Pure Passion take additional precautions while delivering materials so as not to cause any embarrassment.
Dosage : One capsule twice a day or as directed by physician

30’s capsule

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