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Lama Lamatex Plus, 20 Gold Capsule (Swarna Bhasma Yukt, For Vigour & Vitality)


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Optimum sexual performance of themale partner is a major prerequisite for conjugal happiness & harmony. Thesexual relationship is a sensitive phenomenon which can be disrupted bypsychological as well as physiological factors. Sex tablets substantially aidin solving such problems.

A perfect capsule is one thatpossesses few distinct properties:-

a) * It does not excite the nervous system.

b) * It invigorates the sexual system.

Lamatex Plus possesses all theseproperties and can be depended upon to rejuvenate the sexually inadequate male.

Lamatex Plus having more ofcalcinated minerals than of herbs. Lamatex Plus does not contain any Narcoticsor synthetic hormones and is therefore harmless even when used over a prolongedperiod. Lamatex Plus is specific for the treatment of impotency in the male.

Functional Impotence:-

Dissatisfaction sexualperformance (Weak erection & precipitiate discharge)

Dosage:- 1 capsule at night.

An Ayurvedic Product, No Side effects.

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