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Dr Chopra Mehbooba Up Oil (Penis Massage Oil)

325 300

Deemark Tiger Tilla (To Stimulate Male Organ)


Stud-7000 D-Lay Oil (For PE & ED)


Aah.. (Male Booster OIl)


Dr. Chopra Cobra Oil (Penis Massage Oil)

300 275

Dr Chopra 5 Shots Oil (Penis Massage Oil)

280 250

Afghani Power Oil (Only For Men)

145 140

Dr Chopra Herbal Japanee Double Power Oil For Men

300 275

Dr. Chopra Musli Power Oil (Penis Massage Oil)

320 290

M.S. Japanee Super Oil Tilla (Penis Massage Oil)


Hamdard Gentole 10ml


Size Up (Penis Massage Oil)


More Shot Oil For Men (For Sexual Potency & Erectile Power)

175 160

Dr. Chopra Stud 7000 Oil (Penis Massage Oil)

300 270

Japanee X Oil (For Harder & Stronger Erection)

154 149

Hamdard Tila Muqawwi Khas


Hamdard Tila Azam


Parth Kamshastra Oil (Male Organ Massage Oil)

180 150

Bherav Pataka (The Oil Of Power)


Dr Chopra Playtime Massage Oil For Men

300 275

Dindayal 303 Gold Power Oil (For Strength, Stamina and Power)


Bullet Oil For Men (Strawberry Flavour)


New Shama Roghan Kharateen

Rex Remedies Farbah Oil


Vita Clide Gold Oil For Men

310 270

Dr. Chopra Japan Ka Oil (Male Organ Massage Oil)


Rishi Veagra Max Man Tila 10 ml (For Male Organ Massage)


Larkspur Power Tune Oil -For Erectile Dysfunction/ Premature Ejaculation/ Penis Enlargement)

180 151

Gold Night Penis Massage Oil


Zen Oil (Super Power For Men)


German Oil (Penis Massage Oil)


German Oil (Penis Massage Oil)


Pure Passion is committed to offer sex enhancement products of every kind for both men and women. Among different sex products online, penis enhancement oil is one of the categories. We have an offering of the most potent oils meant for adult males.
There is a choice of international quality penis massage oils. These not only give instant rock hard erections but also increase your staying power. The advantage of using oils over other forms of sex enhancement items is that these have immediate impact.
Penis massage oil is one of the means of treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This is completely a localised item and works directly on the tissues of your phallus and the nerves present in the pubic area. On massaging, these herbal oils are absorbed quickly by the tissues of the penis thus relaxing it and allowing more blood to flow in. your phallus becomes strong and powerful within minutes and you are prepared for prolonged moments of blissful sex.
Penis massage oils are also effective in treating premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is an embarrassment for men and despair for ladies. Dissatisfaction among women is extremely high when their male partners suffer from premature ejaculation. This dissatisfaction gets multiplied as women take linger time to climax than men.
The fastest and surest way to get a rock hard manhood and prolonged copulating sessions is application of penis massage oil. It takes just about 10 minutes for its action to be felt. Pure Passion offers penis massage oils online at affordable rates and deliveries are carried out discretely.