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Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms (Pack Of 10)


Okamoto 003 World Thinnest Condom Pack Of 10


Kamasutra Orgasmax Condoms – 12’s Pack

200 190

Skore Cherry Flavoured Coloured And Dotted Condom – Pack Of 10

Skore Not Out Climax Delay And Dotted Condoms 10 Pcs

Durex Extra Time Condoms 10’s Pack


Durex Extended Pleasure 10 Condoms


Skore Blues Coloured Condoms 10`S Pack

Skore Warm Condoms With Smoky Hot Shot Fragrance 10’s Pack


Super Manforce 1500 Dotts Condom Litchi Flavoured – 10’s Pack

Kamasutra LongLast Condoms 12 PCS


Carex Super 3 In 1 (10 Multi Textured Condoms)


Skore DOTS – Dotted Condoms – Pack of 10

Kamasutra Skyn Condom (Non Latex) – 6 Condoms


Skore Time Less Dotted & Ribbed Climax Delay Condoms – Pack Of 10


Skore Zig Zag Dotted & Ribbed Condoms – Pack Of 10


Carex Powershot 10 Extra Time Dotted Condoms


Kamasutra Smooth Purple Delight Extra Lubricated Smooth Condoms – 10’s Pack

70 65

Skore Skin Thin Ultra Fine Condoms – Pack Of 10


Skore Cool Condom – Cool Mint Flavoured Dotted and Coloured -Pack of 10

Kohinoor Xtra Time Condoms 10’s Pack

Kamasutra Dottmax Condom 2064 Dots 6’s Pack


Durex Feel Thin 10’s Pack


Manforce Chocolate Flavored Extra Dotted Condoms 10 Pcs

Kamasutra Dotted Condoms (10pcs)

Durex Jeans Straight Walled Condom – Pack of 2 x 6


Skore Pina Colada Flavoured Coloured and Dotted Condom – Pack of 10

Manforce Sunny Edition Condoms-10’s Pack

90 85

Carex Rough & Tough (10 Super Studded Condoms)


Manforce Staylong Pineapple Flavoured Condoms


Skore Chocolate Flavoured Condoms 10’s Pack

Manforce Stamina Extra Dotted Condom Orange Flavour 10’s Pack

The principal purpose of male condoms is protection from diseases and unwanted pregnancies. These are two varieties: i) normal and, ii) reusable. Normal condoms are readily available in local medicine stores. Pure Passion has taken the initiative of offering multiple varieties of condoms in both normal and reusable categories. Even our normal categories of condoms are of premium quality and give you immeasurable pleasure during sexual union. Each one of them is designed to enhance your sexual performance to ecstatic limits. Every time you put them on, you become a stud with the confidence to take your bed partner to crazy heights of love making. These reusable condoms could be cleaned with lukewarm water and stored in a clean place before using it for the next time.