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Artificial Virginity Hymen (Your Dignity Is Priceless)

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ntroduction: The origins of Joan of Arc Red

For women, virginity is very important. But due to participation in various sport disciplines, premarital tasting of the forbidden fruit and other acts, the virginity can be damaged and broken. This can haunt the girls whole future life. Joan of Arc Red came to solve this problem. “Once you try it, your secret sorrow will be solved”

“Japanese Joan of Arc Japan” was invented in 1993 by Dr. Shiro Hisaki from the Human Science Research Center in Kyoto, Japan. It first became popular among the college students in Seto Inland Sea. In 1995 it was popularized in Thailand and nowadays is used by many girls all over the Globe.

I. Who should use Joan of Arc Red

1. Female whose virginity was broken due to physical exercise (gymnastics, track and field sports, martial arts, etc.)

2. Females whose virginity was broken due to premarital sex (active or passive)

3. Females whose virginity was broken as a result of childhood games

4. Females whose virginity was broken due to masturbation

5. Females with congenital defects of virginity.

II. The principle of Joan of Arc Red

Put the artificial hymen, Joan of Arc Red, into vagina. When being dissolved by secretions, it changes into gelatinous mass and quickly binds. After penetration of penis and friction, red pigment from Joan of Arc Red will be spread over male’s and female’s sexual organs.

III. How to use Joan of Arc Red

1. Wash and dry your hands. Take out the hymen from the aluminum foil package and rub it with your hands. Don’t rub it too vigorously in order not to affect the liquid absorption.

2. If vagina is moist, you can put the hymen directly into it. If vagina is dry, before insertion, the hymen can be moistened with cold or warm water. Insert to the depth of 5 cm (about the second joint of the middle finger). Do it quickly so that it doesn’t stick to the fingers when you take them out.

3. You can have sex 3-5 minutes after putting the artificial hymen, Joan of Arc Red (put it in few minutes before the foreplay, generally speaking it can be broken 20 minutes after insertion).

4. Using it is not painful. In order to achieve the better result, woman should moan as if the virginity is broken. After sex, go to the washroom to clean the bloody excretions.

5. Easy to use. Clinically proven to be non-toxic and without side effects. No allergic reactions.

IV. Is Joan of Arc Red safe?

Many [girls] seeing the ad are initially tempted by Joan of Arc Red, but worry about its effectiveness and safety. These worries are unnecessary. Joan of Arc Red was invented in 1993 and after nearly 20 years’ development and improvement, it is mature product, with most possible problems taken in account. Dear customers, rest assured with your purchase.

V. Is the breaking of Joan of Arc Red painful?

Not very painful, just a little bit. Otherwise it will create confusion. The material sticks to vagina’s wall and its breaking causes little pain as with the rupture of the real virginity. Moreover, it will emit a small amount of “blood” which is similar to a mixture of real blood with vaginal secretions as with the real flow during the first time

VI. Composition of Joan of Arc Red

Natural proteins (without any side effects to human body), synthetic membranes, hemoglobin, water-soluble sodium carboxymethyl, cellulose-based agents and so on. […].

VII. Precautions for the usage of Joan of Arc Red

1. Wash hands and keep them clean when using. Don’t use it immediately after shower. The product can be generally retained in the body for 1-2 hours, and sometimes for 4-5 hours. However, the high body temperature and [vaginal] discharge will lead to earlier product melting.

2. Should not be used by menstruating or pregnant women. Women having vaginal wounds or gynecological diseases are suggested to get treatment before usage.

Volume- 1 Pair.

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