Introduction In ancient, Indian women were accorded very important position and high esteem. They themselves used to practice ayurveda in their daily routine. But this divine beauty, perfect and graceful figure of the ancient women is lacking these days. Ayurveda now has been accepted the world over which provides the cure for ailments and beauty enhancement and personal care for modern women. Breast The mammary glands or breast consist of glandular tissue interlaced and supported by much fibrous tissues and fat and covered by a thick layer of subcutaneous fat. Development Little development occurs till puberty. The changes which occur at puberty, in females, vary greatly due to many factors, vis., Genes, diet, habbit etc. At puberty, there is considerable growth and branching of the duct system and formation of glandular system. With the occurrence of each menstrual cycle every month, progressive enlargement of breasts take place (which is due to the increased deposition of fat in the fat cells). Shape & Size of Breast The shape of the breast is influenced by pectoral Ligaments, their strength and elasticity. The more strong and elastic pectoral ligaments are the more shapely Bust-line is. Indications Bust-36 is used For strengthening, firming up and toning up of breast muscles, resulting in appropriate increase in one’s breast size. Prevents sagging of breasts. Corrects under-developed breasts and restores the original breast size. Beautifies bust-line. Caution Use with caution during pragnancy and during lactation.

Volume: 100 ml

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