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Dehlvi Remedies Kamini Vidrawan Ras With Kesar (10g)


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Kamini Vidrawan Ras  is a highly effective herbal medicine to combat sexual disorders of men. Be it erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, early ejaculation or lack in sexual desire; this Ayurvedic pill overcomes any of these ailments. The herbs constituting this medicine are chosen with immense care to make the product truly useful.
Herbs like kesar, shunti, pippali, and lavanga are known to boost sexual drive. Ingredients like gandhaka, chandana, and hingula are known to enhance desire of love making by working on the central nervous system. In totality, Kamini Vidrawan Ras is a single remedy for every form of sexual weakness. By regular administration of this drug, a male patient could get his love life restored in its most intimate form. Love making could become regular and sex sessions more prolonged.
Even men, who do not suffer from any kind of sexual weakness, could take this herbal medicine to add more energy and vigour in your sex life. The aphrodisiac properties are certain to add more passion and intensity in love making. You could get an erection that is firm and strong, and a staying power long enough to make your lady love have multiple orgasms and fulfilling intercourse. Dosage is as per prescription of a registered practitioner.
The medicine is marketed in vials of 40 pills. We make our deliveries cautiously so that the product’s identity remains a secret till it is unpacked.

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