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Males suffering from various sexual deficiencies, loss of energy and a general lack of vitality could opt for Goli Nawab Ali Shah Ayurvedic pills. Long hours of work added unregulated lifestyle and sedentary habits take their toll on health and sexual behaviour. To tide over such distressing situations, this herbal medicine brought to you by Pure Passion is your surest bet.
Excessive work load combined with hectic lifestyle and haphazard eating habits leads to weariness of muscles and nerves. This leads to fatigue, weakness, and loss of sexual desire all of which are effectively overcome by administration of Goli Nawab Ali Shah capsules. Every form of sexual disorder such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, functional impotency, lack of interest in sex, and overall lack of vitality is remedied by this medicine.
This herbal product increases your energy level and enhances your stamina by keeping your muscles rejuvenated and your nerves relaxed. These two are the pre-requisites for a healthy and fulfilling conjugal life. The pills are to be taken two hours before love making preferably with 250 ml of warm milk. It is recommended to have this medicine 2 hours after a meal. It needs to be noted that in the 2 hours gap between taking this medicine and love making, there must not be any food intake.
Packing of Goli Nawab Ali Shah comes with 10 pills. We at Pure Passion take appropriate steps to make deliveries discretely without knowledge of product till unpacking.

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