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Hamdard Hamdogen Vitality Capsules for Men

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Hamdard Hamdogen Vitality Capsules is a highly effective herbal product used for treating patients suffering from sexual disorders like lessened sexual desire, loss of vitality, and production of sex stimulating hormones. This capsule prepared totally from medicinal plants and natural substances has long term effect on human physiology.
Hamdard Hamdogen enhances male libido principally by stimulating production of testosterone or male hormone. Testosterone is responsible for enhancing male libido and stimulating sex organs like penis and gonads. This hormone also assists in increasing sexual desire in your brain. Once testosterone hormone is released it attunes the human body sexually and brings about all necessary changes that are needed for love making.
The penis gets relaxed and allows greater amount of blood flow giving strong and firmer erections. This physiological change coupled with an increased desire for love making brings about a remarkable change in the love life of couples. This herbal capsule also delays ejaculation thereby prolonging copulation time and taking you to greater heights of ecstasy. On regular administration of this medicine under medical supervision you would have intense and longer sex sessions with your lover.
The recommended dosage is up to 2 capsules a day. This being a herbal product is free from giving side effects even if taken regularly. Each packing consists of 5 strips of 10 capsules each. Pure Passion executes delivery of your order discretely as it wants to save you from embarrassment.

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