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Hamdard Mubhi Khas (General Debility And Weakness Of Nerves)


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Sex is in your mind and hence it is essential to keep it active and continually rejuvenated. But present time’s work pressure both at office and home takes a heavy toll on mind and body; to the extent of losing interest in love life and sex. As mind is the controller of all actions including love making, it is important that it remains receptive and agile always. Pure Passion markets Hamdard Mubhi Khas as a medicine for keeping your nerves lively and responsive.
Hamdard Mubhi Khas is herbal pill that is enriched with aphrodisiac ingredients that are totally natural. It has tremendous impact on human minds and overcomes all forms of lethargy. Even impotency caused by a weakened nervous system is effectively addressed by this herbal medicine. Regular administration of this medicine addresses all forms of sexual weakness arising due to weary minds. A remarkable change is noticed within two weeks of beginning a therapeutic course of this medicine.
Together with removing every form of weakness of nerves, Hamdard Mubhi Khas also enhances desire for sex among men. For best results, 1-2 tablets per day should be taken subject to doctor’s advice.
This proprietary medicinal product is sold in boxes containing 5 strips of 10 pills each. We at Pure Passion take additional care to execute deliveries, as we do not disclose the contents.

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