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Icicles Blue Red Yellow Spiral Glass Massager


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For the fun moments of love making either between lesbian couples or straight pairs, Icicles Blue Red Yellow spiral glass massager is perhaps the most colourful sex toy. This glass dildo in spirals of three colours is certain to trigger strong desires of naughtiness in the minds of love makers, be they ladies or men.
For creating orgasmic pleasure during massaging of vaginal walls the spiral glass dildo is slightly curved so that it tickles the G-spot at the same time. Massaging the inside of the vagina coupled with G-spot stimulation is certain to take women to extreme heights of orgasmic pleasure. With a bulbous head, this spiral glass massager gives the feeling of a phallus and is a perfect sex toy for girls. Young girls who have not experienced real sex would just love to possess this glass massager for intimate moments of desire either alone or with a partner.
Lesbian couples adore this glass dildo not only for its colourful appearance but for its marvellous shape. Together with massaging the vaginal walls it stimulates the clit which is a climactic and ethereal experience for any female.
Icicles Blue Red Yellow spiral glass massager being made from medical grade borosilicate is totally safe and does not cause any harm to human skin. After every usage the glass dildo should be washed clean and stored in a hygienic place. Pure Passion delivers this product cautiously so that it remains unrecognised till it is unpacked.

The length is 18.5 cm , inserting length is 17 cm and circumference is 10cm ..

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