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Labolia O- Long Penis Enlargement Cream


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Enriched with natural herbs, without any side effect.

Let a man’s confidence to multiply, give your female great satisfaction.


Men have persistently been conscious of length & girth of their penis. Small sized penis decreases the confidence during the sexual activities. There are various surgical treatments available to increase the size of penis, all carrying a risk of significant complications. Most men will not wish ti proceed to surgery when properly informed of the likely outcome & risk of complications.


Laborate’s Labolia O-Long Cream is a revolutionary product enriched with all natural herbal extracts intended to increase the length, girth & erectile rigidity of the human penis without any surgery & side effects. Its unique herbal formula can increase blood flow, release the male hormone, provides nutrients necessary to the penis growth, increasing & expanding the penis sponge body & increase the blood capacity, promote the growth of the penis.


The general idea is that you stretch the male organ with different exercises while the penis is erect. If you do this multiple times with labolia O-Long, the penis stretch out & start repairing itself & therefore you can start developing a bigger longer stronger penis. Labolia O-Long is also scientifically proven for the patients suffering from erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation.


Let sex more abiding.


Enhance sexual self confidence


Enhance the penis hardness, make more lasting erections, more hard


Directions for use:


Clean your penis properly. Apply Labolia O-Long Cream on the surface of the penis. Massage 2-3 minutes with stretching exercise.


Apply 2-3 times a day.


Volume- 50gm.

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