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Life Care Shilajit Gold 20 Capsules With Kesar


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For treating a variety of sexual diseases, Pure Passion offers Shilajit Gold capsules. This herbal medicine is not only acknowledged as a comprehensive treatment for sex passivity but also assists in improving vitality, remove lethargy, and make you generally more energetic. This herbal product being a combination of Shilajit and Gold adds to your strength, and enhances sexual behaviour.
Shilajit Gold is in effect a powerful supplement used widely for its outstanding sex enhancement properties. Men suffering from debility and guilt because of inability to perform are immensely benefited by administration of the herbal medicine sufficient time. This Ayurvedic product basically relaxes body muscles and invigorates nerves. Overworked muscles and tired nerves are common among men of today. Most are overworked; suffer from excessive anxiety, and lethargy. All these contribute to diminished sexual drive, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation.
Regular administration of Shilajit Gold capsule could bring about a significant change in your lifestyle, especially love life. Relaxed muscle allows more blood to flow in your phallus thus making it hard and strong. Energized nerves contribute to building stamina and vitality.
One capsule per day at bed time is the usual dosage of this medicine. Though this herbal medicine has no side effects it should be consumed only under medical supervision.
Pure Passion sells this product in 20 capsules. Deliveries are executed cautiously so that details of your consignment are not known from outside

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