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Special Male Vacuum Cup (For Penis Enlargement)


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Product Description :

Imported Penis Enlargement Pump (Vaccum Therapy) is an effective and best selling pump to enlarge the organ(penis enlargement vaccum pump) by natural vacuum therapy. It comes with the popular plunger grip handle, a 7.8 inch acrylic clear chamber, one silicone sleeve to fit all sizes. With repeated use, rather like weight training, the organ increases its capacity for blood flow and potency is enhanced.It is a best product if you are facing erection problems.If you are seeking enlargement then pump until the size has increased 0.5 inch beyond its normal hard erection, the valve is loosened, releasing the vacuum.

It is entirely safe vacuum therapy and requires no surgery or medical treatment.It assures you results with minimal of efforts and maximum of ease. You can please yourself and your partner to the fullest and be all the more confident about it, every time you go intimate.

How to use ?

Step 1: Attach the tension ring onto vacuum device by means of a light squeeze.

Step 2: Gently rest the tip of the penis at the opening of the tension ring.

Step 3: Move the outer movable sleeve up and down the vacuum device to create the vacuum; this process will draw the penis through the tension ring into the vacuum device.

Step 4: After creating the erection, remove the vacuum device from the tension ring, leaving the tension ring in place at the base of the penis.

Safety instructions: Use for adults only. Keep it away from children.

Features & Specifications :

Enhances sexual performance

Complete erection of your penis

Equipped with vacuum therapy

Safe & No Side Effects

Easy to use

Easy to Clean

Package Contents :

Organ Developer Pump

Developer Cylinder

Valve & Tubing for usage of Pump

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