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Tongkat Madura Ajimat made from selected herbs and it is only found in bushland on the island of Madura, Indonesia. Tongkat Madura Ajimat created based on the secret recipe that has been inherited from antiquity and it is only known by famous Madura women in maintaining vaginal and binding love of her husband.
Tongkat Madura Ajimat is to be worn, not to eat.

Benefits of Tongkat Madura Ajimat

  • Tongkat Ajimat Madura provide exceptional warmth in a sexual relationship of husband and wife.
  • Tongkat Ajimat Madura white healing.
  • Tongkat Ajimat Madura vaginal deodorant.
  • Tongkat Ajimat Madura difaraj eliminate itching.
  • Tongkat Ajimat Madura dry vaginal discharge excess water to be dry and tight
    giving rise to an infinite pleasure in sexual relations with her husband.

How to Use Ajimat Tongkat Madura

  • Cleanse your body and make yourself in comfortable mood.
  • Make sure dry up your vagina.
  • Then slowly insert 3/4 the Jamu stick into your vagina. You are recommended to leave it inside your vagina within 1-2 minutes.
  • After that slowly remove the Jamu stick and gently moving it around left and right. This is will make a reaction effect which may cause it to be slightly adhered to your vaginal wall.
  • Then using under running water and clean the Jamu stick in order to the next use. And let it dry naturaly by placed it vertically. Reminder: Do NOT use soap for the cleaning purpose and keep away from children
  • You may use 3-4 times daily if you have a white and excessive dischare, unpleasant odor and itches.
  • If you want a tight vagina time with her husband, use Tongkat Madura Ajimat 1/2 hour before sexual intercourse. You will get a heighten sexual sensation.
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