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Aichun Beauty Papaya Breast Enlarging Cream

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Natural beauty papaya breast enlarge cream help you enlargement breast obviously, it is safe and no side-effect. By using Aichun papaya breast enlarge cream can lead to the breast lobular full, balance of gonadal hormone secretion, and promote the re-development of the flat breast. Restore and maintain the firm and increase the elasticity of breast.

The papaya enlargement cream makes the breast absorb plenty of minerals and micro elements that will active their dormant cells and meridians strongly infiltrate into their deep tissue, and will accelerate fat synthesis, will promote blood circulation, lift flaccid skin, enlarge the size of breast.

Main ingredient: pawpaw extracts. Wild radix puerariae essence extracts. Wheat emulsifier.

Benefit: Regulates endocrine functions and increases the breast circulation of the blood, improves mastoptosis and hunble. Enlarge your breast naturally. No any side effect.

Caution: NOT suitable for pregnant women

  • For flat breast We recommend to use the cream 3 times a  day massage the areas 2-3 minutes each side.
  • For medium size already you can use it just  2 times a day massage the areas 2-3 minutes on each side.
  • Results will varies from customers, but the earlier results can  appear as little as 3 days of repeated use .
  • Take up to 2 weeks especially if you are really flat. The jar is 120g and can last for up to 2 months of use, but please use a  great amount tea spoon size &  it will  feel  warm on contact of skin then can last for up 5 hours .
  • All results gained will be permanent after you are done using the cream both women and men can use the cream
  • Size: 120g



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