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Bherav Pataka (The Oil Of Power)


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The oil has been so named because the secret formula of this oil has been handed over to us by a Bherav Tantric from Benaras.

Ingredients :

Kalaunji oil (small fennel/ nigella seed)

Dhatura ext. (datura stramonium)

Sura sar (nitrre saltpetre)


BHAIRAV PATAKA Oil an organ Massage Oil with 100% safe Ayurvedic Preparation blended with essential secret aphrodisiac precious herbs suitable for treating organ erection problem.

Bherav Pataka Oil is conceived to directly load androstenedione (the testosterone/ estrogen precursor), Vitamin E and other therapeutic herbs to the penile tissues and cells, it acts as a tonic for the tired nerves this will assist rejuvenate the neuro- arterial synapses for cell regeneration. Its a time tested cocktail of precious herbs for your most important bodily organ.

Herbal ingredients in Oil possess therapeutic supremacy for injured and sore organ. Oil (Penis massage Oil) will aid in renewing the fading cells in spongy tissue.

Bherav Pataka Oil acts on the locally damaged skin, and also on the inner layer as well as the skin sub layer. The skin sub layer is crammed with capillaries and veins, this oil acts on this layer of the skin from outside in as it gets absorbed. The penile spongy-structure tissues avert the Oil from piercing into the core of the two penile cylinders. It necessitates a harder erection for the Oil to get into the core of the penile cylinders. The vacant hollow spaces in the spongy tissues are the obstruction of the chemical diffusion (penetration) for the Oil. Substantial filling the spongy tissues with blood will allow the Oil ingredients to disperse into the core for curative action and renewal.

How To Use.

Apply 5 to 10 Drops of Oil on the semi erect Organ continuously for 4 to 5 Minutes for a month and FEEL YOURSELF THE GREAT RESULTS.

Volume- 15ml.

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