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BT-36 Breast Cream (Adds Perfection In Women’s Beauty)


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A bountiful pair of breasts is a pride for every female and a primary attraction for men. Men are most easily allured by a pair of full breasts in any lady irrespective of her age. Normally men are attracted towards ladies with well formed and full breasts. Pure Passion has made this possible by marketing BT 36, breast massage cream.
BT 36 could be used by females aged as low as 14 years till 60 years. Regular massaging not only makes the tissues of the breast taut and supple but also helps in tightening the surrounding muscles. For teenagers BT 36 breast cream works as an enhancer and makes breasts rounded and well developed. Ladies in their 30s and 40s would find this cream helpful in keeping breasts firm and supple. Matured women could use this breast cream for tightening of muscles and prevent boobs from sagging and losing their tempting shape.
Directions for use
This is an Ayurvedic product with no harmful side effects. Gently massage your breasts and their adjacent areas in a circular fashion for 2-5 minutes depending upon your age. Massage once a day is usual for teenagers and young ladies. For middle aged and matured women massaging twice daily is recommended. A noticeable change in breast shape and size is observed for teenagers within one month of application of BT 36 breast massage cream. For ladies beyond 2o years of age a significant change is observed after 2 months of usage.
BT 36 cream is available in 100 gram easy to use containers. Pure Passion takes extreme care in maintaining the secrecy of your material till it is unpacked.

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