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Carex Lubricating Jelly 60 Gram (Water Soluble Lubricant For Cooling Sensation)


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CAREX Lubricating Jelly can be a great addition to sex. When used with condoms, lubes increases pleasure for both partners and decreases the risk of condom breakage.


rinses off easily from skin and fabric

cheaper and easier to find than silicone-based lube

Why use plenty of CAREX water-based lubricant?

When people use condoms without any lubricant on the condom, it is more likely to slip, or tear, because of increased friction.

During vaginal sex, a woman produces natural lubricating fluids, but these may not be enough for safer condom use. The amount of fluid a woman produces changes throughout the menstrual cycle, and is influenced by several factors.

It is quite natural for some women to need additional lubrication for comfort as well as for safer sex.

Oil-based lubricants weaken condoms drastically and dangerously within minutes. Often an oil-covered condom will split during sex, and the user may not realise it is burst or torn until after the event.

Penetrative sex without lubrication leads to increased friction, which puts extra strain on the condom. Adequate lubrication can sometimes be ensured in vaginal sex by means of plenty of foreplay but this is not always effective.

Spit or water are not very good lubricants.

And lastly applying lubes to your sexy parts can be a fun part of foreplay! Be creative–and always be safe.

Volume : 60 g

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