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Chastity Penis Lock Device – Lock Him Up

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This is a naughty device used for keeping your man chaste and secured from other females. This is made of steel, brass, leather, and silicone and provided with a lock and key. With the penis lock device fitted to your groin, it is possible to urinate and defecate. With the chastity device fitted it is not possible to have any erection, and hence the possibility of having sex with anyone other than your dedicated partner is an improbability.
Product description
Materials used in making this device are of superior quality. Metals are of the highest grade and even suitable for making hospital equipments. Even silicone and leather used are of the best grade and suitable for critical applications.
The penis lock device though about 2-inches in diameter could be safely worn below your underwear or drawer. It is not at all recognizable from outside. When wearing trousers, this device cannot be made out from outside.
How does it work?
Chastity penis lock device is easy to put on or take out. With this device in place it is possible to urinate but not to have sex. The device prevents blood flow into your manhood thus keeping it flaccid and free form any form of sensual reaction. Possibility of sexual arousal is never there with this device in place.
While having sex, it is necessary to remove this chastity lock.
When to use?
This locking device might be used while visiting night clubs, attending parties, and while going in an outing. Be cautions to put this lock on when your penis is in flaccid state. The device should be taken out at home and at bedtime.

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