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Dot-Six (Ayurvedic Prepaid Contraceptive Pill, Prevents Pregnancy By Upto 6 Months)


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DOT-SIX tab. is Oral Contraceptive Tab. This Tab. is an easy, safe effective contraceptive for a woman wanting to delay her first pregnancy or space the next child. DOT-SIX is available in a single Tab. for Six Month.

How does DOT-SIX work ?

DOT-SIX Tab makes salty layer on the ovum and prevent fertilization.

When should I start DOT-SIX

Swallow DOT-SIX Tab early in the morning with water, empty stomach when menses closed. Avoid intercourse for seven days (Wednesday to next Wednesday as example.) The Oral DOT-SIX Tab freedom up to married woman to control her own fertility and choose motherhood when she desires in addition to preventing pregnancy.

DOT-SIX tab. to be taken under medical supervision. It has following beneficial effects:

No weight gain.

Timely menses is being,.

No chance of any infection

No pain during menstuation.

What are the side effects.

DOT-SIX Tab. is a Herbal formula contain’s


Don’t take the DOT-SIX Tab ?

If you have any of the following :

Suspected / confirmed pregnancy. Irregular unexplained vaginal bleeding can tridiation. Don’t taken antibiotics during use of DOT-SIX.

Don’t Crush & chew the Tablet.

Volume- 1 Capsules.

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