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GK Jati Phaladi Vati (Stambhak) 5gm


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Hectic lifestyle and undue work pressure at both work place and home results in loss of vitality, lethargy and diminished sexual desire. To overcome such weaknesses, Pure Passion markets GK Jatiphaladi Vati, an Ayurvedic medicine prepared to combat general debility and sexual limitations.
Excessive work load, stress and lack of physical activity lead to ailments like early ejaculation and spermatorrhoea or less sperm formation. GK Jatiphaladi Vati is particularly meant for healing these conditions and in overpowering general debility and weakness. Unwarranted worries and uncontrolled habits have serious adverse affects on health and sexual activity. Apathy for love making due to reduced libido is a common syndrome among men in their 40s and 50s.
The easiest way to come out of such a situation is to undergo a course of GK Jatiphaladi Vati. This herbal product is a stimulant and thus helps in increasing sexual desire. Being a medicine with restorative properties it energizes body tissues and vital organs. Its natural astringent properties keep your skin supple and youthful.
The recommended dosage of this medicine is 1-2 tablets per day as per your age and general health. Medication should always be under the supervision of a doctor. Tablets should ideally be consumed with milk 1 hour before copulation.
Pure Passion makes deliveries discretely, so that the contents are not recognizable till they are unpacked.

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