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Hashmi Viagreen Capsule (For Erectile Dysfunction)


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Hashmi Viagreen Capsule is a herbal medicine for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a combination of both physical and psychological reasons. Reduced sex drive combined with physical weakness leads to flaccid phallus, a state wherein a man is unable to have intercourse or any other form of sexual enjoyment.
Hashmi Viagreen Capsule aims to cure this disease naturally as it contains only medicinal herbs. Regular intake of this capsule increases libido and helps in overcoming sexual weakness caused by physiological or psychological reasons. Viagreen enhances male body mechanism by rejuvenating nerves and energising muscles. A relaxed mind and body is essential for arousing sexual desire in men. Enhanced sexual desire helps in getting a powerful erection and passionate sessions of sex. With ejaculation being delayed the ecstasy of intercourse gets multiplied several times for both partners. The medicine also assists in production of semen which gets ejaculated in large amounts.
Hashmi Viagreen gives a comprehensive relief of your sexual weaknesses and helps in making your sex life exciting and passionate. A doctor’s prescribed dosage is to be followed religiously for long term benefits. Packing of this medicine comes in vials of 20 capsules. Deliveries executed by Pure Passion are always done carefully so as not to disclose the contents to onlookers and other members of the family.

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