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Johnson & Johnson Ky Jelly 50gm

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Johnson & Johnson KY Jelly is a clear, water soluble and non greasy jelly. Manufactured by one of the oldest brands, KY Jelly is the next to natural lubricant. This KY Jelly is specially formulated and created on the basis of a lot of research by gynaecologists. It has been recommended for women all over the world.

KY Jelly helps enhance and supplement your natural lubrication. The colourless and odourless moist gel is a must have in the toiletry bag of all women. It is helpful not only during sex but in daily usage also. The discomfort caused due friction or the irritation felt occasionally in a woman’s private parts can be eliminated by the Jelly. During sex, Jelly is the ideal gel to be used with a condom as it does not destroy the latex in the condom, thereby preventing probable leakage.

Every woman faces vaginal dryness at some point in life. It could be because of the stressful life one leads or due sheer tiredness or even due menstruation. The KY jelly helps overcome this distress. Containing ingredients like Cotainschlorhexidine Gluconate and Methyl Hydroxybenzonate, the  Jelly is extremely safe to use. This product does not lead to any kind of dependency.

Usage of this Jelly is a sure shot resolution for relief from vaginal dryness which occurs due to your own body not producing its own lubrication in the required amount. This is the nearest gel to your own natural lubrication.
Volume: 50g

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