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Velvet (Condoms For Women)


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Velvet Vaginal Condom is for sexually active women who’d rather be in control than depend on her partner (we mean men here), to wear a condom. It works just like a regular condom for men, but only better. While it takes a little practice to insert, it covers the base of the penis and your outer vaginal walls better than a penile condom.




163-183mm long, 76-83mm wide


Nitrile based, greatly reduces chances of allergy or irritation


3 Condoms in a box




You’d much rather use a Vaginal Condom


1. Vaginal condoms or Female condoms are a safer option for women who have idiots for partners.


If it makes him less of a man to wear a condom and he’d much rather prefer you on pills, you can either dump him or surprise him with a vaginal condom.


2. Contraceptive pills are sometimes harmful and you never know when things would go south. A vaginal condom is a brilliant alternative as it does not contain any harmful chemicals


3. It’s good to have tons of sex when you have your periods? It releases tons of beta endorphins that act as natural painkillers. If your idiot partner finds it all icky down there during those days, a vaginal condom can be of help then.


4. If you’ve just given birth or have just had a hysterectomy, this nifty little number greatly reduces your pain during the intercourse.


5. When you have vaginal dryness, sex is painful, really painful. If you still want to get busy with your partner, the condom will greatly reduce the pain.


6. And lastly, you reduce chances of catching venereal diseases such as AIDS with these little girls too.


How to insert a Vaginal Condom


1. Tear open the sachet with the condom gently. See that you don’t tear the condom so please don’t use a scissor of a knife to open it.


2. You’ll now have a rather large condom with two rings on either ends. The smaller ring at the closed end will go in your vagina and hold the entire sheath together from the inside.


3. Grasp this inner ring, squeeze it enough with your thumb and index finger so that it becomes long and narrow. Now try to insert this end into your vagina while it is long and narrow.


4. You can do this while standing, sitting, lying down or in any position that opens your vagina as much as possible.


5. Gently insert it all the way up your vagina, place your index or middle finger inside the condom to gently guide it. Try not to twist it in the process though. If you have a deep vagina, then ensure the outer ring remains outside the vagina. We would also suggest you get your partner to do this too, keeps him or her focused too.


6. You now are ready. Gently lead his quivering member (Courtesy of Mills & Boons, we meant Penis / toy) with your hand into the Condom’s opening. Make doubly sure that it has not entered through the sides, makes the whole exercise irrelevant then.


7. Enjoy.


8.  When done, please twist the condom up from the outside before pulling it out gently. This will ensure that there is no spillage of semen onto the outer walls of your vagina. Dump it into a garbage bin. Do not dump it in the toilet, it will block your pipes, and for heaven’s sake, don’t reuse it.




What if the penis does not enter correctly?


Stop your partner before he gets carried away. Get his penis out of your vagina immediately and try to guide his member (we’re at it again) with your hand into the condom’s opening. Keep trying till you are sure.


Do we need to use lubricants with the condom?


Not if your partner has had you sufficiently wet and crazy. A vaginal condom will not hurt your insides even if your Vagina is not wet. It is lubricated from the inside for your partner’s equipment (yes, this writer is a guy, surprise!), so nothing to worry there too. The only time you would need additional lubrication is if you are suffering from vaginal dryness.


Are vaginal condoms difficult to use?


Yes, but only at the beginning. Once you or your partner becomes comfortable inserting it, it works like a charm. Try it three to four times while sitting, squatting, resting your one leg on a chair etc. to get a hang of it, else excite yourself to get nice and wet for an easier insertion. Make sure you are patient and having fun while at it. No point panicking.


How do I dispose the vaginal condom?


If you are standing up, the semen will spill out. So lie down and gently start twisting the outer ring of the condom. This will ensure there are no spill outs when you pull it out gently.


Once used, put it in a recycle / garbage bin. Do not flush it down your toilet or use it again. If you are  embarrassed by this or in a place where you cannot dispose it immediately, try putting it in the same disposable bag that you use for your sanitary napkins.


Can we use a vaginal condom and a penile condom (the regular one) at the same time?


We understand that you may get a little paranoid about this but no, you should not use both condoms at the same time, the results are hilarious. The friction alone will tear the condoms. Worse, there is a good chance of both of them slipping out after the first thrust.


Is the condom too big?


Would it make your idiot insecure? Maybe; it is a wee bit bigger than a regular penile condom. But because the additional length, you ensure that the opening remains outside your vagina and thereby easier to pull out.


How many sexual positions can I try with this condom?


Almost any position you are comfortable with. You might need additional lubrication for some positions, sex toys, or if you are into anal sex. Rest assured, the nitrile in the condom is strong enough to survive a heady round of anal sex.


How long before they expire?


5 years under room temperature.


Volume- 3 Condoms

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