Does penis size matter to women?

Does penis size matter to women?

Innumerable studies and research have been conducted on how penis size is important in satisfying a woman in bed. It is a wrong notion to believe that bigger your penis, the happier would your bed partner be. There are more things than just dimension of your phallus that are important in giving sexual satisfaction to your lover. Just to focus your entire attention on the size of your penis is actually a waste of energy and could lead to stress which is a hindrance to having fulfilling lovemaking sessions.

Like any other body organ, such as finger, height, foot size, the length of penis grows up to a certain age and then becomes constant. It is only possible to make it healthier, firmer, and more sustaining. The length of human phallus principally depends on the race to which you belong. In general, African and American Negroes with phallus length varying between 6.3-7 inches is at one extreme; and East Asians with penis length between 4.1-5 inches forms the other limit. This is a very general finding, and individual figures might always differ.

It might be noted that though there is no logical proof of correlating penis length to ethnicity, the fact is that penis length varies with race.

Length and girth of human phallus

The average length of human penis is 5.45 inches or 13.85cm; while its circumference is 4.73 inches or 12.01 cm. These figures are based on studies conducted by medical associations, trained professionals, and condom manufacturers. Self-report studies are also studied, though they normally are not perfect. Studies conducted by professionals and medical associations are somewhat reliable as they are actually based on real findings. Data submitted by individuals could be inflated and thus unreliable.

Of different parameters used to substantiate the difference in size of penises among individuals, ethnicity is supposedly most rational. Like any other bodily characteristics such as body structure, skin colour, hair formation, and facial appearance; dimension of penis varies from one ethnic group to another. According to ethnicity the entire populace of the world is divided into 8 groups, namely:

  1. African-American Blacks;
  2. Asian Americans;
  3. Caucasian or Whites;
  4. East Asian
  5. Hispanic or Latino;
  6. Middle-East Asian;
  7. South Asian;
  8. South- East Asian

Among these eight groups the difference in penis length varies between 14.75 cm – 12.9 cm, while circumference lies between 12.3 cm and 10.5 cm. So the difference is hardly of 2 cm either by length or girth. Thus phallus measurements really do not matter much going by statistics. Therefore, to correlate sexual prowess to penis measurement is useless and a futile exercise. There are many more aspects in keeping your sex life active and engrossing than just get worried about penile length.

What does your bed partner prefer

As no man beds a woman just because of her boob or bum size, similarly a woman is not influenced by penis size much. There are more things to sexuality than just the length and girth of penis. In fact, a girl is impressed by what she sees and believes of her man rather than by the size of his manhood. Aspects like behaviour, confidence, manners, respect towards others, comfort, wit, affability are more powerful in influencing ladies rather than phallus girth and length.

Even when enquired exclusively about penis, its length was ranked seventh in terms of importance; and its circumference, fourth. Characteristics like general appearance, penile skin, and pubic hair carried more significance. Research has further revealed that if there are women that fall for large phallus, there are ladies who prefer small members. So worrying about manhood length is wastage of effort and energy.

What is it that attracts ladies to men

Women are more impressed by a man’s overall appearance, behaviour, and other attributes. The sexuality of a man to a woman is more of any emotional nature rather than the dimensions of your manhood. A woman looks for comfort, confidence, relationship aspects, and sexual skills in her man. Your lady love gets stimulated by your approach, way of speaking, touch, hugs, and kisses. The idea that your phallus is the only instrument of love making is actually wrong. A woman takes time to be aroused and it could begin from your speaking to her and just holding her hands.

Your manner of talking, the grip of your hand, and eye contacts play a major role in stimulating sexual desire in your lover. A woman must feel comfortable and cosy when in your company. This is the first step towards making your girl feel interested in having sex. Arousing a woman is a gradual process and is diametrically opposite to getting a high for men. Men peak easily in love making, and are prone to hurry things. Such drastic approaches are disliked by women and they would lose interest in males who are hasty in making love. She needs time for arousal and she expects that from her lover.    

Pamper her innermost desires

If you could pamper her innermost sexual desires then she would be yours in entirety. It needs to be known that the entire body of a female is a huge erogenous zone and needs to be stimulated steadily and surely. Your tongue, lips and fingers are far more powerful in making your lover in getting a climax, rather than just a large penis. Instead of trying to reach a climax only through penetration it is always advisable to remain composed and confident and do foreplay as far as possible.

Extensive use of tongue and lips from head to toe, speaking of sex, dirty talking, are ways of arousing a woman and make your sexual encounters engrossing. A woman has innumerable erogenous spots, and it is up to you to discover them. Once these spots are indentified, just by stimulating them you could make her wet and more passionate.

Women are fragile and love to be cuddled and loved gently. She loves to be caressed and fondled gently and with confidence. Her sexuality is totally mind driven and the faster that is triggered the easier would she reach her orgasm. While making love, speaking dirty might also help in stirring up her innermost desires. Once your partner gets high on desire, just relax and let her take charge.

For penetrative sex, the frontal part of the vagina is most responsive as it has innumerable nerve endings. Kissing and licking the vaginal lips while gently massaging the walls of the vulva with your fingers could certainly make her ecstatic. The most erogenous area of a woman is her clitoris which is located just on top of the vagina. To arouse this, simple tickling with your tongue or gently pressurising with finger is enough to lead her to orgasm. The phallus has no part in arousing the clitoris. During intercourse, the clitoris gets excited by the regular rubbing of the penis and the pressure thereby applied. The depth to which the penis goes inside the vagina is in no way related to this intense stimulation.

You should ideally have a penis about the average length. It is fondled and played with easily. Women are more comfortable in taking average length manhood in their mouth than a huge member that is difficult to lick or suck. For both male and female, the options of love making are increased with a normal sized penis than a huge or a too small one. If you are endowed with 5 plus inches phallus you should never worry and remain contented.