Sex mistakes men make and how to avoid them

Sex is an act that needs to be enjoyed and give complete satisfaction of body and mind for both partners. In most cases, women remain dissatisfied as they fail to reach orgasm even though the male partner has climaxed. This happens since men try to rush and focus primarily on intercourse which does not last long. On the contrary, for a woman, sex is a total experience, especially the mind. To get a lady totally satisfied it is essential to arouse her mentally which only could help in getting her orgasms.
For a completely fulfilling sexual experience it is important that both lovers climax at the same. Men focus on the actual act of love making, but for a woman the process of sex is prolonged and involves her entire body, mind and soul. This is the primary sex mistake that men do; they perceive that the lady partner reaches orgasm at the same time that he climaxes. So when the male partner is done with, the lady is still far away from getting a sexual high. Such disparities in sexual fulfilment could ideally be overcome if men realize their mistakes they make in bed and make sincere efforts in overcoming them.
Ignoring foreplay
Foreplay is the single most important feature in love making that could trigger an orgasm in your lady love. So to take your partner close to orgasmic pleasure it is mandatory that you invest sufficient time in fore playing. Foreplay not necessarily is restricted to bed or the actual act of making love. It could begin even much ahead of entering the bedroom.
Sex messages sent through mobiles act as sex stimulant for your lady love. Sending them throughout the day or when not in her presence, creates the groundwork for more thrilling things to come when you meet later. Sending messages suggesting sex is an excellent stimulant for your love partner. When you meet after long hours of sex messaging, she is already prepared mentally to make love.
After meeting you could heighten her stimulation by dirty talking, kissing, caressing and massaging. All these actions are definitive ways of preparing her for orgasmic pleasure through sex. Dirty talks are arousing especially for women. There is nothing wrong in talking dirty with your partner in moments of intimacy. Such talks are extremely tempting for making love particularly for ladies. So, never feel shy to utter naughty words to your partner during foreplay.
Together with sending sex messages and dirty talking, an unbeatable instrument of foreplay is a sensual massage. Just remember, that the entire body of a woman from head to toe is an immense storehouse for sexual stimulation. It is desirable to begin massaging from the scalp and gradually work downwards. There are several videos available both online and offline on woman body massaging which would help in learning the skills. Even if you are not a masseur, an attempt could always be made. An oil massage or powder massage are the two options that might be tried out. Both of them are equally arousing and depending on the time of the day or your location, either may be chosen.
An oil massage is perfect before a shower or bath, preferably during day time. In the evenings powder massage is extremely arousing for both the partners. For massaging you must never be thrift on using oil or powder. Sufficient quantity of either need be used for smooth gliding of fingers and palms along your lover’s body. For best results oils and powders with sensual aroma should be used. Keeping a lighted aromatic candle helps in hastening arousal of your lady love.
Poor Hygiene and lack of grooming
A woman always wants her lover to be properly groomed and maintaining high standards of personal hygiene. Poor hygiene and unkempt appearance are major sex mistakes men make. Forget about enjoying sex, she would not even get aroused irrespective of your best efforts of love making. Sexuality of a lady lies in her brains and as her man it is your responsibility to stimulate her accordingly. It is important to appear attractive to her in every respect she desires. It is sensible to spend sufficient time on self grooming to look and feel desirable.
There are certain matters which are vital in keeping your lady interested or attracted towards you. Bad breath is a serious turn off for any woman. Using mouthwashes before sex is advisable in case you suffer from bad breath. It is important to have your teeth checked from time to time as infected gums or teeth emit foul odour that is unbearable. Ladies prefer people with neat look and clean face. This is where grooming is important. Unkempt hair and untrimmed beard are also huge turn offs. Care should be taken to have your hair trimmed. In case you sport a beard, it should be maintained well. Long nail is another thing that ladies dislike. Long nails not only look dirty but could even cause injury to your lady love while making love. With your long nails you could hurt her clitoris, vaginal lips and also the vaginal wall while fingering.
As men prefer their lovers to have a clean pussy, women also want their men to have a neat groin. Hairy genitals not only make you look nasty, but also make your manhood look smaller. In addition, hairy genitals might not prompt your partner to give you a blow job or interest in having oral sex. Therefore, it is recommended to have hair removed from the entire groin area. A shower or bath before sex not only removes body odour but refreshes you for a hearty love making session. In fact having a bath together is an excellent foreplay for both of you.
Awkward undressing
This is a very common mistake made by men. Your partner is very particular about the way you undress her. Undressing done with immense care is a huge sex stimulant for your lady love. Poor undressing skill could destroy the interest of love making in your lover. Usually, your lover to attract you would be attired in clothes that make her look appealing and sensual. These are her favourite dresses and she would desire that they are handled carefully. She while disrobing her you must not become clumsy or spoil her clothes.
Even her lingerie is to be taken off gently. Remember, that undergarments are chosen with immense care by women as it remains is constant contact with their body. In many instances, ladies pay handsomely to buy their favourite brands of lingerie; they are worn, cleaned and kept with plenty of care.
While removing dresses bra, and panty you not only must be very careful in not damaging them, but also appear confident and bold. Always be double sure before removing her undergarments. Some bra hooks are tricky and requires the involvement of expert hands. This poses a challenge for many men, even elderly men. Damaged hooks not only spoil the bra but also could hurt your lover. So, it is better to learn some unhooking skills before trying to take off your partner’s bra.
Removing panty is of course a much easier task considering that all of them have elastic grips that are made from skin friendly. Just make certain to take them off in slow and teasing manner. While speaking about clothes, make certain that your brief and other clothes are not smelly or stinking as that could make your lover go off mood instantly. Make sure to take off your pair of socks before going to bed for love making.
Be expressive and active
Women do not like their men to be docile in bed. They prefer men who take the initiative in love making. Go ahead and explore your lady with your fingers, lips, tongue and of course your phallus. The entire body of your lady love is there for your experimentation and loving. Play with her entire torso, at times gently and sometimes firmly. However make sure that you do not hurt your partner in any way in your quest for exploration and making love.
A lady always desires that her partner is equally responsive when she explores his body. Staying silent and emotionless is a strictly negative approach in love making. Be expressive, moan, and compliment her on her efforts of making love.
Share your sexual fantasies
Both men and female have sexual fantasies when they engage in sex. Many of these sexual fantasies are centred on sex toys India. There is no end to the variety that is available nowadays. Be it vibrators, dildos, massagers, washable condoms, or penis sleeves; all these are available online. It is now possible to buy sex toys of your choice and spice up your sex escapades with your beloved partner. Discussing your fantasies during love making and attempting to fulfil them is a great way of spicing up your conjugal life.
These are common sex mistakes that men make during their performance. A little consciousness and a desire to reinvent are the keys to overcoming these weaknesses and enjoy a thoroughly passionate sexual life for many years.