15 Perfect Women’s Sex Toys for Wedding Gift

Sex toys for women create immense interest among lovers, and the curiosity is intensified when the lovers are newly married. Sex toys as gifts, and that too on wedding is not usual. However with changing habits and preferences, women sex toys are gradually getting popular as gifts for weddings across communities and countries.

These sex toys play a significant role in spicing up love making and prepare the partners for intense sessions of foreplay, oral sex, and intercourse. In addition to using each other’s hands, fingers, mouth and tongue these toys could be used to make the entire sexual session a passionate experience of exhilaration. Women sex toys are specifically designed keeping in mind the several erogenous areas a lady has on her body. There are toys designed for stimulating exact spots, and you could collect a range of them and use them by turn to give your lady love impulses of ecstasy.

Magic Wand

As the name suggests, this girlie toy is actually magical. This vibrating shaft in addition to massaging the vaginal walls also is ideally shaped to stimulate the clitoris. With varying vibration speeds, it is possible to create impulses of different intensities depending on the mood of the lady. Vibrations could be light or powerful thereby creating varying degrees of excitement. These battery operated devices are either metallic or made from high grade silicone.

Use a magical wand during foreplay to arouse her physically and mentally. Ignite her deeper desires of sex by alternating between massaging the vaginal walls and the clitoris.


This is a unique device that creates the same feeling as tongue sucking the clitoris. A womanizer looks like a pore extraction device, but in reality is an extremely effective toy for creating intense orgasmic pleasure.

At one end of the toy is a small opening which works as the seal and simulator of the clit, while at the other end is the switch. This rechargeable cunnilingus toy is handy and could be carried anywhere. Fit the porous end of the toy around the clitoris and switch on the device. A seal is created around the clit which is then stimulated the pore. The sensation that this pore creates is comparable to oral stimulation of clitoris which makes everywoman go crazy and crave for more sex. Womanizer triggers faster and more intense orgasms.

G-spot Massager

G-spot is the most sensitive area of a woman’s body. Stimulating this could make her go wild with orgasmic pleasure. This vaginal toy is 9-inches long with body resembling an un-bloomed flower. With a typical rounded tapered head and the texture of flower petals, its feeling is irresistibly sexy. Just by its feel a woman could get a sexual high.

This massager has varying speeds, and could be operated in a mode of your choice. The shape of this massager is such, that it could easily locate your G-spot and stimulate it even to the extent of a sexual climax. This waterproof toy is made from safest quality silicon or metal so that it does not cause any allergy or skin infections.


Vibrator is an all time favourite not only among ladies but young adults as well. For many girls the first sexual experience is with a vibrator. This women sex toy could also be a perfect wedding gift and ideally used during foreplay. To make sexual escapades more enjoyable and electrifying it is important to introduce variety and vibrators is one such item.

These are with multiple vibration modes capable of triggering different levels of stimulation. From tickling the labia, massaging vaginal walls, and stimulating the clitoris the vibrator does amazing foreplay and heats up your lady love for more engrossing and penetrative sex.

This toy could be metallic or non-metallic and could be used in shower or bath.

G Spot Mini Vibrator

A vibrator is at least 7-inches long and is not as handy as a mini edition. G Spot Mini vibrators are not only effective as massagers of vulva, clitoris and the entire genitals, but have the added advantage of being extremely handy. This sex toy might be carried conveniently inside a ladies bag. Like a full sized vibrator, this toy has varying vibrating modes triggering different levels of sexual stimulation. Use this like a vibrator and see its wonderful results in arousing a passion for more intense love making.

This comes in different colours, and you could choose any as per your preference.

Multi-function rabbit massager

Among ladies’ sex toys in India, a multi-function rabbit massager is a leading product. This is a versatile toy endowed with vibratory and rotational functions. So by using this, you could have double the fun as compared to a vibrator. The stimulation that is produced by the combination of vibration and rotation is phenomenally orgasmic, and could lead your sex partner to multiple orgasms even before intercourse. By the time you penetrate her she would be wet all over, and wild to have you inside her.

Simultaneous stimulation of vagina and clitoris that could be achieved with this multi-function massager is truly mind blowing. No woman could withstand this stimulation and is certain to reach orgasms fast. Made from the highest quality silicon, this toy is non allergic and non-infectious.

G-spot Tickler Vibrator

This jelly multi-speed tickler vibrator is a fabulous toy for ladies on their wedding. These could be used alone for masturbating or with a partner during foreplay. It is essential to introduce variety in love making to spice up sexual unions. The toy is ideally designed to fit inside your vagina with the tickler touching your G-spot. On triggering impulses from a cabled control it is possible to stimulate your most sensitive spot and prepare for intense penetrative sex.

Like most vibrator models this also is operable with multiple modes thereby enabling to set varying degrees of arousal. When used during foreplay, this G-spot tickler vibrator is certain to elevate the lady to astounding heights of ecstasy by stimulating the most sensitive part.


While selecting women’s sex toys in India, dildos are perennial favourites. These are in high demand not only among lesbians but even among straight couples. A dildo makes a perfect wedding gift for the bride. Choice could be made between standalone and strap-on types. This toy is used to arouse your lady love during foreplay for more thrilling sexual union.

It is possible to select dildos that exactly resemble a male penis complete with veins and natural flesh tone. Being made from premium quality rubber or silicone these are harmless and do not cause skin infections or rashes.

Spiral Glass Massager

A spiral glass massager is in the shape of a dildo, but instead of rubber or silicone it is made of Pyrex glass. It is slightly curved to make access to G-spot easier. The base is wider to prevent total insertion of the massager inside the vagina. Unlike other dildos that are made from rubber or silicone, this glass design has a classy appearance. The spirals are created in different colours so as to give it a vibrant look.

Pyrex glass being medical grade is completely safe from both breakage and infections. However, after every use it should be cleaned and stored in a hygienic place.

Towering Drill

This battery powered drill is a sex toy that stimulates your senses in two ways: by vibration and by rotation. Either way it is highly effective in arousing the interiors of the lady’s genitalia driving her crazy for intense and passionate love sessions. Every time the vibrator button is pressed the vibration lasts for 5 seconds. Circular motion of the drill continues till you power it off.

This drill is particularly acquired for its rotational function. A continual massage of the vaginal walls together with a drilling sensation of the clitoris makes a woman go crazy with sexual desire. Use this toy during foreplay and watch her writhing for your erect manhood for copulation.

Realistic Stud Massager

Apart from dildos, the toy that comes closest to male phallus in nature and appearance is a stud massager. If you want to buy sex toys online and present it as wedding gifts then these massagers are perfect. In fact, this realistic massager has all the qualities a lady would look for in a sex toy. It is made of bendable material with the feel of real skin. Its curves are incredibly realistic like that of a human penis, and the entire length is veined for complete natural feeling.

Your lady love is doubly delighted when this stud massager is set to vibrate inside her pussy. It is possible to give her multi-orgasmic experience with high-powered vibrations and massages. This toy made of pure and high grade silicon is waterproof.

Tongue Shaped Clitoris Simulator

This toy does the work of a human tongue, and that too superbly. This vibrating stimulator in the shape of a human tongue has incredible clit stimulating capability. With multi-speed vibrations, the level of sexual exhilaration of your woman could be raised to unprecedented limits. Being made of medical grade silicone it is non-allergic and does not cause any infections of skin or genitals.

Bubble wand

A bubble wand is another versatile woman sex toy that could be used as a clit stimulator and vagina massager. It has a unique convex shape with a tapered head and bulbous base. Its finish is superbly smooth allowing an incredibly silken gliding along the vulva, labia, and vagina of your lady love.

Oral Sex Stimulator

This oral sex toy offers every sensation your tongue may provide to your bed partner. It has a rolling head with 12 tongue-like protrusions rotating in 6 different speeds. With such a lethal combination it is possible to raise the sexual desire of your lover to multiple orgasmic limits.

Vibrating Nipple Clamp

The nipples are among the most erogenous zones in a woman’s body. Rubber clamps with vibrating bullets inside form the perfect pair for teasing and stimulating. With the possibility of creating multiple vibrations to her nipples you could take your love partner to unexplored areas of ecstasy.