How To Enlarge Your Penis With Your Hands

The size of penis differs from person to person. Males often relate their manhood to the size of the penis. Irrespective of its size a human male always desires a penis at least a few centimetres longer, such is the obsession. A larger penis implies additional manliness and a wish of drawing admiration from the lover.

This obsession in fact grows from seeing pornographic films where the male stars are endowed with large penises. It needs to be understood that physical features of humans depend on ethnicity and genetics. People from different regions have their distinctive physical attributes such as height, skin tone, body structure, hair type, and also their penis size. Like any other organ, the size of penis also might vary according to community and ethnicity. Pornographic films have also contributed to the obsession about penis length where males are endowed with more than average sized manhood. Here they also show that bigger the penis the more satisfied a woman becomes, which actually is not true.

The most important thing to note here is that the most erogenous zones of both men and women lie near the top of their respective genitals. For men the head of the penis is the most sexually sensitive part, while for women they are the clitoris and G-spot both of which are just near the vulva. To reach orgasmic pleasure the length of the penis is of little significance as the G-spot could be reached even by a 4-inch penis.

Irrespective of all these facts, penis enlargement is a concerning issue among human males. They seek different ways of enhancing their manhood. There are enlargement creams, oils, pills, and pumps. In addition to these, there are surgical methods that could increase the length and girth of your penis permanently. Surgical methods are expensive and could be beyond means for an average income earner. Penis enlargement creams and the other substances are affordable but might have side effects. Many use extenders like penis enlargement pumps for getting bigger penis. These if not used cautiously could result in irreversible damage to the soft tissues of your member.

The safest and surest way to increase penis length and thickness is by penile exercises. These exercises could be performed at home without the assistance any devices or instruments. Penis enlargement cream or oil might be used for making massaging easier, though not essential. The only things required for penis massage are the five fingers of your hand and at times your palm. They are wondrous enough to give you a manhood that is big, thick, and sturdy. And the penis thus acquired would stay as such till your last breath.

Massaging with your fingers or palm is totally safe, without any harmful side effects, free of cost, and everlasting impact. There are several massage forms and any of these could be adopted. For best results they are to be performed consistently over a definite time period.

Milking or Jelqing

Milking or Jelqing is a very popular massaging technique for your penis. It could only be done when you have a semi-erect penis. It cannot be done when your member is in flaccid state. The following steps need to be followed in succession for this massage.

  • Stroke your manhood or fondle it so that it at least becomes semi-erect. Getting a full erection however is not recommended;
  • Lubricate your member with penis enlargement oil generously. This exercise could only be done with sufficient oil on your penis;
  • With your thumb and forefinger of your right hand form a firm ring around the base of your penis;
  • Pull the ring towards the penis head gently as if massaging slowly;
  • Repeat the same procedure with your left hand;
  • Thereafter continue the process till you are comfortable;
  • Stop massaging as soon as you feel pain or discomfort.

The basic idea of this massage is to drive blood from the base of your penis to the glans thereby increasing blood flow along the entire shaft and head of your penis. Milking or jelqing must not be done with a hard on, as that might damage the nerve endings present in the penis head and also the soft tissue.


Kegel is usually prescribed for patients with urinary problems. Both bladder and prostate problems are effectively controlled by performing Kegel. Kegel is also helpful in maintaining erection for longer periods. Kegel involves contracting your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle located between your scrotum and anus.

PC muscle is responsible for controlling the flowing of urine and semen. This muscle when contracted makes your penis remain erect. Kegel does not involve your hands, and could be performed any time of the day, even while in office or driving. In this massage procedure you need to contract and release the PC muscle for as many times as possible. Normally 20-30 Kegels throughout the day is perfect for getting a strong PC muscle and thereby helping to maintain erection for a longer period of time.

Ultimate stretching

As the name suggests, this massage with your hands involves stretching of your penis in a downward direction. In this massage the focus is on the head of your penis. Here, you first need to grab your penile head with one of your hands and then stretch it gently. You might pull forcefully enough not to impact the blood flow in the penis or feel any discomfort. As soon as any kind of uneasiness is felt, stretching should be stopped immediately.

Hold your stretch for about 20 seconds and then release it. A phallus when stretched regularly could give amazing results in terms of penis enlargement.After every pulling exercise, allow your penis to rest for a few minutes before repeating the process. Continue this exercise for 5-10 minutes every day.


This exercise is similar to ‘ultimate stretching’, except that the entire phallus needs to be rotated in a circular motion.

  • Hold your phallus with a gentle but firm grip of your hand;
  • Stretch it outwards slightly and then rotate in a circular motion for about 30 seconds;
  • Release your grip and relax for a few seconds;
  • Repeat this circular motion in the opposite direction , once again for 30 seconds;
  • These two movements in opposite directions constitutes one session.

Throughout the day you could have multiple such sessions of penis enlargement exercise. ‘Rotation’ exercise is among the most effective and quick yielding penile exercises.

Stretching with thumb

This is a modification of ‘ultimate stretching’ exercise. In addition to your hand used for gripping your glans, your thumb is required for massaging the base of your penis. The head of your penis is grasped with one hand, while with the thumb of the other hand you need to support the base of your member. Then slowly stretch penis away from your body to the maximum extent possible. Care must be taken so that the stretch does not cause any pain.

Keep the stretch for about 10 seconds and then release it slowly. This exercise might be repeated for about 5 minutes for a single session. If time permits you could perform multiple such sessions in a day.

Stretching backwards

This hand massage should only be attempted after you are completely thorough with other techniques discussed before. Only experienced hands should attempt this penile massage.

  • With your thumb pull the penis foreskin towards the body;
  • Pull foreskin to its maximum limit while using your hand to support the penis head;
  • Stay in this position for about 10 seconds and let release the foreskin;
  • After a brief rest for a few seconds, the process is to be repeated.

A session of 5 minutes daily is enough to give you an enlarged penis. Overdoing this stretch for more than 10 seconds could result in lessening of blood circulation.

Opposite Pull

This penis exercise needs both hands. With one hand you need to hold the head of your penis while the base is held with the other. Now you stretch the shaft by pulling both hands in opposite directions. This has to be done gently so that the soft tissue does not get damaged. Hold the stretch for about 10 seconds and then release both hands gently. The stretch should be felt without any pain. This exercise could only be done when your penis is in complete flaccid state.

You must never stretch to the extent when it becomes painful or uncomfortable. The stretching and relaxing process should be continued for 5 minutes with intermittent breaks.

As these penis exercises are entirely dependent on your hands the use of penis enlargement pills or penis enlargement pumps cannot be permitted. In fact, your hands are good enough means of having a larger and thicker phallus. You only need to be consistent with these exercises, and you could feel different within a couple of weeks. And in a couple of months you are certain to get a noticeable change in the girth and length of your penis.