10 Sex Positions for Ultimate Romance in Bed

The ultimate and most intimate form of expression of love between a man and woman is sex, and bed is the perfect place for its happening. Intimate sex or intercourse is the climax of love making and has been an area of universal interest among adult couples. Sex comes as a natural instinct and no humans can avoid it especially when they are adults. Making love is not necessarily restricted to bedroom and could happen under open sky, inside woods, beside swimming pools, kitchen, staircases, and eve in bathtubs. Among all these options, bedroom sex is safest and most comfortable.

Sexual union between consenting adults is always a joyous experience and could even become blissful if done with intensity and totality. Total sexual satisfaction is only achieved only there is complete involvement of body and mind of both the partners. Bed is the best place for such escapades as it gives comfort, safety and total freedom of movement. In fact most passionate sexual union could be achieved in bed only.

Copulating positions have been born out of instincts, by observing other animals, and through experimentation. Some positions are simple and easy to perform, while there are others that require supreme body agility or strength. Every posture of sexual union has its own speciality and offers differential delights. For making love life more invigorating and rewarding, you should attempt different positions depending on your body fitness and strength. Remember that copulating is ecstatic in every position, provided you are confident and totally involved.

Missionary pose

This is the traditional and most widespread pose of love making between a woman and her male partner. This man on top and woman at the bottom position is an eternal favourite as it maximizes both skin and eye contacts. In no other posture of sexual union you might have entire body contact. A woman always loves to hear sweet nothings in her most intimate moments to reach greater heights of sexual fulfilment.

In this pose where you face one another, you could nibble her ears or kiss while copulating. Grasping each other and feeling one other’s heavy breath would intensify your coital motion. Penetration also grows more powerful with each thrust. As you are penetrating from the front, the chances of clitoral stimulation are most. And if you could reach the G-spot it would make her go wild with her nails scratching your back and her teeth biting your ears or lips.

Seated Scissors

This sexual union position is principally a fun position with her on top. This position requires sufficient space and so bed is its best place. You lie on your back with one leg bent and slightly raised. Your sex partner uses this bent leg as the straddle while taking your member inside her. She faces away from you and her position is similar to that of a reverse cowgirl. In reverse cowgirl she sits on your torso while penetrated, while in seated scissors posture she sits on your raised thigh.

This posture would make a woman go wild with clitoral stimulation. This position is rated exceptionally high when it comes to stimulation of clit. In fact, as she moves up and down on your rock hard enlarged penis, her clitoris is ground against your thigh which makes her ecstatic with orgasmic pleasure. Use of lubricant heightens the pleasure multiple folds. In this position, the female is in complete domination in while the man is totally relaxed and enjoying.   

The Kneel or kneeling

Kneeling is once again a position where the woman takes a dominant role in sexual union. Here, the man kneels on floor or bed with calves bent back and buttocks touching your heels. Bend backwards slightly and thrust your waist a little forward for making penetration easy for your partner. When she positions herself securely after inserting your manhood gently move your waist in to and fro motion, thus beginning the copulating process. As she is on top she gradually takes dominance in this act of sexual union.

This sex position allows kissing, hugging, and sufficient skin contact. Both of you could feel each other’s heavy breathing and smell each other. The level of skin contact is almost similar to ‘missionary’ posture. Run your hands over each other or hold on tightly while she expertly carries on copulating. Kneeling also allows a heightened clitoral stimulation. Extensive kissing is advised in this position.


In ‘butterfly’ position it is the turn of the male to dominate the sexual exercise. Edge of the bed is the place for this sex play. Here the woman is totally relaxed. She lies on her back near the bed’s edge while the man remains standing. She either lifts and rests her legs against your chest or ankles on the shoulder; or might twist around your waist. With legs lifted or twined against your waist, inserting your erect and elongated penis inside her wet vagina becomes easy. You could hold on to her thighs for better grip and more powerful thrusts.

This ‘butterfly’ posture is particularly enjoyable even when the lady is tired. She just needs to lie down with legs raised and rested against your chest or shoulders. Penile movements are easy as you remain standing on your feet and are well balanced. Keep your thrusts gentle in the beginning, then gradually speed up with deeper and more powerful pushes.


If you are looking forward to some passionate love making with a combination of intense intercourse and firm fondling, then ‘spooning’ is the position to try out. Here both the partners lie sideways with the man behind and the woman in front. The top leg of the lady needs to be lifted for easier insertion of penis. Insertion becomes easier, if the female partner leans a bit forward and pushes the butt towards the male. The male partner then slowly enters his member inside the woman. Insertion should be gentle as a hurried approach could hurt the lady.

Spoon sex is particularly advisable for prolonged love making sessions. As penetration of the member is sideways, sensitization of the penis head takes longer. And with the top leg lifted penetration becomes easier and deeper.

When your sexual encounters get longer, stimulation of clitoris is also prolonged. With copulating time extended, the lady partner would certainly be getting more intense and repeated orgasms. 

The 69

Though this is not a posture of sexual intercourse, it is a highly popular love making sex exercise. This is strictly a pose for oral sex, where both of you get engaged in each other’s sex organs with your mouth. You could lick them, kiss them, or suck them as per your fantasy. Here, you and your partner either lie side by side or one above the other facing each other but heads in opposite directions. The idea is that both get to have oral sex simultaneously: man gets the vagina and clitoris to lick, suck, and stimulate; and the woman gets the penis to play with, fondle, suck and lick.

This is indeed an extremely erogenous sex position that leads to exhilarating pleasure to both the lovers at the same time. There could be no complaints of any depravation from either of the partners. For adding spice to this exercise, using flavoured condoms for the pleasure of the lady is recommended.   


This once again is a sexual union posture where the woman is dominant. She takes the erect and hard member of her male partner from below. She rides the cock with total mastery and complete intensity. As she sits on the toughened penis from top, it goes inside her entirely. The total length of the penis is inside her pussy which also helps in stimulating her G-spot. After she positions herself comfortably on the hardened manhood she begins her coital movement.

For the man, the total experience is full of bliss. He just relaxes and enjoys the thrusts of his lady love. These trusts could be simple up and down movement, or twists of the waist and hips of the female partner. The sight of bouncing boobs multiplies the delight several times since the lady faces her man.

Reverse cowgirl

‘Reverse cowgirl’ is similar to ‘cowgirl’ posture except that, in the latter the face of the lady is turned away and the man gets to watch her buttocks.


As the name suggests, this position of sexual intercourse is inspired by dogs. Your lady partner assumes the position of a dog with all four limbs grounded. She pushes her buttocks a little top make entry of your penis easier. For easier penetration space her thighs apart so that you get a clear view of the pussy. Slowly penetrate her with your firm penis and gradually make your thrusts more forceful and intense. From time to time squeeze her breasts from underneath to feel their full weight.

Pirate’s Bounty

This is a win-win situation for both partners. The woman lies on her back while the man kneels. Then she puts one leg of hers on her partner’s shoulder while the other is put around his thighs. A couple of pillows placed beneath the waist and hips of the lady not only make intercourse easier, but make her comfortable. Insertion would be total and clitoral stimulation maximum in this posture.

These are some of the popular sexual union poses that are practised in bedrooms across the world. There are multiple such poses that might be tried by enterprising lovers.