How to Satisfy a Women in Bed

Women love to be loved. They need to be satisfied both physically and emotionally while making love. When a woman makes love she does so in entirety. She gives everything she has and in turn expects to be satiated in total climaxing in intense orgasms. For this your sexual escapades should be prolonged, variegated, full of surprises and intense.

To satisfy your woman completely love making should be a gentle, extended and intense process and not a mechanical process that ends abruptly. A lady needs time to reach her climax and that has to be done in a very caring and tender manner. Kissing, caressing, fondling, licking, and of course copulating should be done with love and care. A complete involvement of mind, body, and soul must be there to make your lady love sexually satisfied. You not only need to satisfy her physical desire, but also her mental appetite which incidentally is unfathomable.

Women love fantasy, and the more fantastic her sexual sojourns are, greater are her bliss. She not necessarily finds her ideal sexual partner in a man, but could be in another woman. The number of lesbian couples has significantly increased in the last couple of decades. For making love between two ladies intense, use of women sex toys is common. These toys could also be used by straight couples for making sexual experiences more electrifying and thrilling.


Love making usually begins with kissing. Kissing results in transference of chemicals between two individuals setting up a strong desire for love making. Kissing is not just a peck but taking the mouth in totality. The lips as well as the tongue are rich in nerve endings and are easily aroused through kissing. Interaction between two pairs of lips and two tongues help in releasing sex hormones both in males and females making their minds and body ready for more intense love making.

Kisses should be deep and intense. Suck her lips and also allow your lips to be equally deep sucked by her. While deep kissing, hold her tightly so that you could feel each other’s heavy breathing. Lick and suck her tongue too as that is also an erogenous organ for both of you. While kissing, explore her body with your hands. Guide them along her back, or hold her tightly at the waist or hips. Pull her towards yourself so that her breasts touch your chest firmly and let her feel your hard-on.

Keep kissing for sufficiently long period so that her vagina becomes wet and ready for more action. In addition to the lips, kiss the nape of her neck, throat, ears, cheeks and the chin. The portion behind the ears is sensitive and high erogenous zones. Use your kissing session to undress each other, feeling her with love and affection after removing each piece of her dress. Also allow her to explore your body as she wishes during kissing. Surrender yourself completely to her while kissing each other.


Kissing is part of foreplay. As and when you feel each other while kissing you explore each other with your entire body parts. Your hands, feet, busts, waists and hips tend to know each other well. This exploration becomes complete when you both are totally undressed. When your penis becomes erect with her touch, simultaneously you could find her nipples getting hard with the areola contracted and ridged. Feel them gently in between your fingers and press her breasts firmly but gently. Be careful of not to hurt her with your nails while fondling or squeezing her. Take the breasts in your mouth and play with the nipples with your tongue. Suck them and you could watch her moan with pleasure. If you have to bite her nipples do so gently, or else they could get injured.

Foreplay is very important to take your lady love to exhilarating limits of sexual desire. Remember, the entire body of a woman is an immense erogenous zone and you have to look for the exact spots. It could be behind the ears, nape of the neck, her spine, waist, toes, and of course clitoris and G-spot. Finding these spots and exploring them is a fun during foreplays. Use your fingers and tongue extensively to locate these areas and after finding them leave no opportunity to stimulate them. Your partner would literally writhe in ecstasy on having these sensitive spots stimulated.

Sex toys play a helpful role in foreplay. It makes sexual encounters more alluring and wild. Sex toys India is now an exhaustive collection for both men and women. There are vibrators, massagers, dildos, and ticklers for women; while for men there are cock rings, vibrating rings, penis sleeves, and masturbating cups.

During foreplay you feel and explore her genitals with your fingers and tongue. Tap the vaginal lips gently with your fingers or lick them to take your partner to ecstatic limits. While licking vaginal lips tickle her clitoris to give her heavenly pleasure. Insert your forefinger and middle finger inside her and massage her vaginal walls gently; with the thumb of your other hand play with her clitoris. She would just go crazy with excitement and could even dig her nails into your skin.


Foreplay is essential to make your partner heated up and ready for intercourse. Her pussy becomes wet enabling easy insertion of your erect manhood. Both of you are on the verge of the most passionate and intimate phase of love making. Her entire body and mind is ready to take you in, while you with your firm and strong penis cannot wait any longer for entering her. However, wet she might be you insertion should not be hurried. You should enter her slowly without causing any discomfort or pain. Her wet vagina would act as a lubricant making penetration convenient.

Missionary pose or man on top is the conventional and most popular form of sexual intercourse between man and woman. Your partner lies facing you with her legs spread. This makes the passage easy for your member. Enter her gently till your penis is totally secure inside her. Begin rhythmic movement slowly to make your partner comfortable all along. To begin with, keep your pushes slow but firm. Once both of you are totally in sync, and then you might gradually build up your tempo of thrusting. Your partner would also reciprocate by thrusting her waist upwards at every movement of yours.

Cowgirl is also a well known posture of sexual intercourse. This is actually ‘woman on top’ position. In this posture the lady gets the entire penis inside her. For males this pose is extremely relaxing. While the lady feels and enjoys the entire manhood inside her, the man feels relaxed and satiated. Here the woman takes the lead in copulating; she could slide up and down about your strong and erect penis or twist her hips sitting on your member. I the cowgirl position she is the person dictating terms.

Missionary and cowgirl postures could be attempted alternately allowing relaxation in turn to both the male and female partners. The fun and ecstasy of these two postures is multiplied if desensitizing sprays are used. On using lasting sprays the head of penis gets numb thereby prolonging your copulating sessions. With ejaculation getting delayed the orgasmic pleasure of your partner gets multiplied and repeated. No wonder she would hold on to you with all her might when you cum inside her.

Introduction of sex toys

Sex toys for both men and women would spice up your entire sexual experience. Over time, love making could become a monotonous exercise. To bring in variety, different styles of intercourse could be tried. Different times during a day or different locations also assist in lending variety to love making. Life size dildos, metallic and non-metallic vibrators, G-spot massagers are toys that could really brighten up your sex life. These sex toys for women are not only popular among lesbian couples but even among straight partners. Vibrating the clit with a G-spot massager, or massaging the walls of your vagina with a vibrator or ways of stimulating your woman during foreplay.

For men, wearing a penis sleeve with nodules, or wearing a vibrating ring at the base of your penis are ways to heighten your sexual bliss. Experimentation could be varied with so many sex toys at your disposal. The best thing about these sex toys is their availability. You could buy sex toys online from the privacy of your bedroom or work space. Deliveries are carried out discretely keeping the identity of the material secret. It is time to spice up your sex life with sex toys.