10 Perfect Men Sex Toys for Wedding Gift

Though it might sound astounding, sex toys as wedding gifts could be a pleasant surprise for the new groom. Men’s sex toys are designed to make sexual escapades more thrilling, anticipative, and blissful. For many years, books on love making were worthy gift in any wedding receptions. These are meant for both man and woman and for all practicality should be read and enjoyed together. Men sex toys are a revelation for most sexually active couples of all ages. These toys though designed to heighten sexual fantasy of men are even successfully capable of stimulating women to orgasmic limits.

These toys are made from top grade materials and are procured from trusted sources in India and abroad. Quality is a vital concern for these products as any type of impurity could lead to allergy and infection of the genitals of both partners. Only thoroughly tested products should be tried to prevent any kind of skin diseases or genital infections.

Penis Enlargement Pumps

Men are always wary about the dimensions about this penis. Men relate their masculinity to the size and firmness of the penis. A larger penis is considered more macho and a bigger tool to play around with. With a bigger manhood, you could penetrate deeper inside your lady triggering jolts of orgasmic impulses. Penis enlargement pumps are among the safer methods of enhancing your member. These are mechanical devices that are operated either by water, air, or electronically. On using an enlargement pump regularly a noticeable change is observed in the firmness and size of your manhood. These devices comprising a tube and an attached pump work on the principle of vacuum. The tube is fitted on the penis and secured at the base. Thereafter, with the pump air is evacuated from inside the tube. The vacuum thus created relaxes the soft corpus cavernosa tissue inside your penis allowing more blood to flow in and enlarge your penis. If this exercise is repeated regularly as per directions then you could have a manhood that is well endowed, powerful, and full of stamina.

Double Stroker

This is a 5.75 inches twin-textured sleeve that could be used on both sides. One side is made of supple fronds while the other has lifelike ridges. This sleeve is meant for use during foreplay with the assistance of a lubricant. Another precondition to using this sleeve is that your member should be totally erect. After reaching full erection smear your penis and the inside of the stroker with sufficient water based lubricant. Without lube, the ridges might hurt your penis’ shaft and head. Once lubricated, slide the stroker on to your erect penis till it goes in entirely. Now let your partner play with your member. The movement of the supple spikes against the shaft of your penis would make you go wild with ecstasy. An air hole at one end lets the tip of your penis get fresh air and keeps the inside supple.Continue the same exercise by reversing the sleeve side.

Double Texture Blow Job Stroker

Double texture blow job stroker is similar to a masturbating stroker except that it is open at both ends. This allows for sensational oral sex or blow job. The combination of the movement of the stroker along your penis shaft and the glans being licked is lethal. It would be hard to contain your ecstasy. You are sure to go wild with excitement and grasp your lady love with all your might.

Double strokers are made from malleable, skin safe materials for maximum comfort and pleasure. They are waterproof and could be used multiple times. After every usage, these strokers need to be washed cleaned for better durability.

Penis Extender

It is a fact that men fantasize of having a penis larger than they actually have. They try out enlargement pills, oils, creams, pumps and so on. But the easiest and safest way of having a bigger member is a penis extender. This men sex toy made from skin friendly rubber increases your penis length by 1-3 inches as per your choice. The extender in the shape of a hollow penis has an insertion length of about 8.5 inches, giving your partner orgasmic pleasure with every thrust you give.

With this extender on you have a member that is big and thick. It is advisable to wear this after lubricating your penis. Lubricants make it easier for inserting this hollow extender which covers the entire length of your penis. Extenders not only add length to your manhood, but also act as desensitizers and durable condoms. As the head of your penis gets covered with the extender it does not come in direct contact with the vaginal walls. Being in s desensitized state, you could extend your copulation time to greater lengths.

This combination of a bigger member and prolonged copulation is certain to take your partner to unprecedented heights of climactic thrill. This toy also prevents ejaculation inside her thus acting as a condom. Extenders could very well be used as washable and multi-use protective device.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are excellent options for giving you a dick that is not only firm and powerful, but also with longer staying ability. These cock rings in varying colours are worn around the base of your erect penis. They prevent the blood inside the erect penis to flow back and thereby maintain its firmness for longer periods. Depending on your choice you might put on one or two rings.

These rings are made from soft cushiony materials and could even be wrapped around your balls. The basic idea being prevention of blood flow away from your enlarged member, these rings cold be worn at the base of your penis or even around the balls. Delay in ejaculation is another advantage by wearing these rings. With these on you could give more minutes of intense orgasmic pleasure to your bed partner. These rings are washable and reusable. After every use they should be thoroughly cleaned and stored in a germ free place.

Vibrating Cock Ring

For greater stimulation of your dick and more intense orgasms for her there is no better toy than a pair of vibrating rings. Two different rings of different diameters are fitted to a vibrator that sends pulses through your penis to the vaginal walls during sexual union. This pair of rings when worn give rock hard erections, electrifying vibrations, and delayed ejaculation: three aspects that any newly married couple would look forward to.

The smaller ring is fitted at the base of your penis while the larger one is slid around your balls.On setting the vibrator ‘on’, the penile nerves get stimulated to drawn in more blood and enlarge the member. As soon as the vibrator is put on, stimulation is felt in your entire genital area. This vibration would not only make your member, erect and powerful but also stimulate your lady love in a subtle way. This vibration could even arouse the G-spot, the most erogenous of all spots in a woman’s body.

Vibrating Butt Plug

Butt plug sex toys India is a new concept. This is most widely used to stimulate your body for more intense sex. The use of this toy is unconventional, as it is used for your anus. Experimentation with anus for penetrative sex is not for the traditional types. Partners who love experimenting with newer methods of sexual fulfilment would love o have this toy for fun. This interesting contoured toy with tapering rounded head has 2 vibration speeds and almost equal number of patterns for variety. This toy made of high grade silicone opens up new avenues of sexual pleasure between husband and wife.

Prostate Massager

This is another toy for anal use. Let your anus be a sex organ and let your partner be the initiator of this game. Insert this prostrate massager into your anus and feel its vibration in your P-spot. A choice of patterns and speeds multiplies your excitement by several times and you desire for more. Made from silky silicone and with a bulbous head this toy is perfect for versatile stimulation options. You could even use this in a bath tub or under shower.

Adjustable Enhancer Ring

This superbly stretchable enhancer ring gives long lasting and stronger erections. Being stretchable it fits your penis base perfectly so as to make sexual union more intense. This latex material could make your manhood powerful and enlarged to satisfy your lady love in totality.

Washable Condom

Washable condom saves botheration of buying this protective item every time you want protective sex. Washable condom is either nodular or ridged to give more electrifying pleasure to your wife. After every used it could be washed and cleaned for subsequent use. Now it is possible to buy sex toys online from the privacy of your bedroom. There are suppliers in India and abroad who take complete care in delivering these toys to your address without causing any embarrassment.